World Pizza Day is here!


Pizza is that soul food that pretty much everyone loves. Kids, adults, almost every nationality - it crosses borders and brings smiles to faces.

##### That's right, there is a World Pizza Day! Have I answered all your prayers and dreams at once? I thought as much.

Pizza is that soul food that pretty much everyone loves. Kids, adults, almost every nationality - it crosses borders and brings smiles to faces.

Pizza can get a bad wrap though. We often think of pizza as a fast food, with our first thought being Domino's and Pizza Hut, which are made with cheap GMO ingredients. With so many people now dairy intolerant or gluten-free or celiac, finding a pizza that ticks all of these boxes (and doesn't go straight to the love handles) is a must.

I've found sourcing a healthy and delicious pizza on the Coast isn't the easiest.

Yes, healthy pizza is a real thing - introducing: Vegan Pizza!

And, it tastes as good as it looks! It's flavorsome, gluten-free, and made purely of plants. I'm a raw food chef and cooking teacher and I LOVE good quality ingredients, great tasting food and teaching people how to cook it all up - pizza included. I host monthly cooking workshops in Moffat Beach to teach busy Mums, kitchen novices and fellow foodies how to simply and easily prepare mains in minutes!

World Pizza Day is Saturday February 9th and to celebrate I am running my Raw Food Cooking Workshop where you will learn how to make Vegan Pizzas as well as Raw Pizzas (same base and toppings, just a different cooking style and taste).

Reserve your spot and enjoy the best feed of your life next Saturday:

I have found some pizza hot spots on the Coast, well worth a try: Café Nurcha have delicious and plentiful plant-based pizzas Glasshouse Brewery cook up a seriously tasty traditional pizza (their gluten-free bases are really good too!

About our contributor:

Sally Douglas, Fed for Wellness founder, is a passionate Living Foods Chef, Plant-Based Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, supporting people to put their health back on the agenda through her simple approach and unique methodology - reconnecting you with how you want to feel, not just how you want to look and eat.

Sally provides interactive plant-based cooking workshops in and around the Sunshine Coast, empowering people to fall in love with cooking and looking after themselves. One-to-one coaching with Sally is also available for life-changing results of sustainable weight loss, increased energy and vitality, reduction of bloating and digestive issues and feeling happier and confident in yourself. Learn more about working with Sally.

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