Local Easter egg chocolate guide

Naturally Easter Egg wrapped to look like a rabbit.

Where to find local and more sustainable chocolate supplies for Easter?

We are rather spoilt for choice on the Sunshine Coast with some great local chocolatiers and suppliers of quality chocolates.

And there's plenty of choices for those who want vegan, nut free, dairy free, lower sugar etc

Here’s a quick list of a mix of great options – who all look to be Palm Oil free and making better choices when it comes to sourcing their chocolate or carob if you fancy.

You can buy direct from most or check out your local IGA or organic, health or bulk foods grocer.

And remember sometimes less is more – a quality product might cost more, but it generally tastes a whole lot better, and it might just stop you from overindulging. I know, tricky when it tastes so good!

Happy Easter everyone….

Maleny chocolate block

Maleny Chocolate

Chocolate block with flower petals

Chocolate Country

Easter Eggs



Sunshine Coast Chocolatier

Cholate balls Noosa chocolate factory

Noosa Chocolate Factory
Noosa and Maroochydore

Boxes of chocolates

Naked Chocolate Company
Kunda Park

Check out other Australian sustainable easter chocolate treats – look out for them in your local health food or organic grocer or local IGA’s.

Pana chocolate eggs

Pana Organic

Carob Kitchen

The Carob Kitchen

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