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How to grow your own sprouts

Growing your own sprouts at home is fun and easy. It's a perfect activity to get the kids interested in producing their own food as they can watch progress each day.


February Seasonal Gardening Tips

February's combination of heavy downpours, thunderstorms, heatwaves and dry periods can prove punishing for gardeners and plants. Grab the Micro Gardeners to do list for backyard maintenance and how to nip potential problems in the bud.

passionfruit flower

Keep school lunches safe in the heat

The school holidays are over but there are more hot days on the cards, so how can you avoid making yourself or your kids sick when packing picnics or school lunches in the heat?

Lunch boxes in summer

Berry nice! Chia Jam in under 10 minutes

Fancy a no cook, low sugar alternative to traditional jam? Get the kids in the kitchen - they'll love making this three ingredient Chia Berry Jam. It's the perfect way to use up those slightly bruised berries.

Strawberry chia jam in a glass jar

Seasonal Gardening Tips and planting guide - September

Anne Gibson is The Micro Gardener (or perhaps we should just call her the Guru) 😀 Each month she'll share her top tips for making our gardens grow in this subtropical climate. Read on to find out what to plant this month and which garden tasks need your attention.

Snow Peas seedlings