Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has

Margaret Mead

Simple changes towards sustainable living

Through education, community programmes, useful resources and information Living Smart aims to empower the Sunshine Coast to adopt simple, sustainable lifestyle changes that make a positive impact now and for future generations.


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22 January - 22 January

2021 Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards

The Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards are a celebration of the contribution that individuals, community groups and organisations make in our region.


04 Jul 2020

2021 Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards

Everyday people are encouraged to apply - you don’t have to be famous! We’re looking for the unsung heroes. If you know of a person or community group who make a difference to life on the Sunshine Coast, don’t miss the opportunity to nominate them for the Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards.

01 Jul 2020

Horizon Festival: PLASTIC BELLY

Set to an original sound score by Harel Tsemah, and filmed on the beautiful secluded beach at Third Bay in Coolum, this work is both visually captivating and deeply sensitive to the current times.

01 Jul 2020

MODERN CLOTH NAPPIES - Vashti Wadwell and Kelly Lavery

13 July web page live with video 15 July video goes live Facebook

01 Jul 2020

BEESWAX WRAPS - Natasha Odgers

20 July webpage live with video 22 July video goes live Facebook

01 Jul 2020

Tea Blending with Monica Naples presented by living Smart

Learn which plants to grow in your garden to add to your daily cuppa or craft your very own herbal tisane. Take a stroll with Monica through her own tea garden and demonstrates the art of tea blending.

01 Jul 2020

Cloth Nappies 101: eco-friendly alternatives to disposables

Dirty nappies are a major contributor to waste dumped in public places. Nappies are also of the top contaminants that are mistakenly plastic in yellow lidded recycling bins here on the Sunshine Coast.

01 Jul 2020

Leave No Trace or Trash: Tips for Zero Waste Camping Trips

It’s always harder to keep up your low waste lifestyle when away from home because you are far away from your tried and trusted bulk stores and you don’t know the area and where zero waste is supported.

30 Jun 2020

Beach clean up Free T-Shirt Bag Workshop

30 Jun 2020

Pick up Ten Little Pieces – anywhere, anytime

The organisation was founded by Sunshine Coast local Alison Foley, who was recently recognised with the 2020 SCC Australia Day Award for the Environment and Sustainability for her efforts in tackling plastic pollution.

30 Jun 2020

Be part of the solution – plastic free July beach clean-ups

And with a surge in single use plastics due to Covid-19, local environmental groups are concerned about the potential impact of even more plastic pollution on Sunshine Coast marine life.

30 Jun 2020

Our Visionary Ocean Warriors – turn trash into treasure

Jazmin Simmons and Poppy Ives, 15, will host a mini festival at Caloundra’s Happy Valley in September where people can turn trash into treasure. Every ten pieces of litter collected earns a Trash Token which becomes currency to purchase second hand clothes, toys and books at a pop-up market set up on site.

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It's what we do every day at home at work and at play. Explore your interests, do what you love sustainable living is for everyone.

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