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Gardening Tips June 2024

Find out what to do in the garden this June. Grab your gloves and check out these top tips from the Micro Gardener

June 2024

Schools program

Discover this council program helping children understand severe weather and its potential impacts


Recycling Near You

Find reuse and recycling options for things that can't be recycled at home such as clothing, electronics, mattresses, paint, white goods, coffee capsules and more.


Keep school lunches safe in the heat

The school holidays are over but there are more hot days on the cards, so how can you avoid making yourself or your kids sick when packing picnics or school lunches in the heat?

Lunch boxes in summer

Recognising heat stress and how to stay safe

The Queensland summer has arrived in full force bringing with it heat stress and heat related illnesses. Learn how to recognise heat stress and how to beat the heat.

Heat stress

One step off the grid newsletter out now

One Step Off the Grid is a sister site to Australia’s leading renewable energy website, RenewEconomy.com.au. It is designed to provide information to consumers on new technologies, what other people are doing, and to help them through this maze of information.

solar panel installation