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Pip Magazine is a great place to find ideas, information and inspiration about living more sustainably using permaculture principles.

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Sustainable Materials Guide

A framework for selecting and specifying sustainable materials for buildings in Australia, aimed primarily at architects and other building professionals.

Sustainable Materials Guide

Sustainable Houses Guide

An introductory guide to designing energy-efficient, future-proof, healthy and comfortable homes that last a lifetime.

Sustainable Houses Guide

Tiny Homes - what you need to know

Going off-grid, living smaller, inter-generational living - if you're considering making the move to a Tiny Home check out the Australian Tiny House Podcast podcast.

Tiny home

One step off the grid newsletter out now

One Step Off the Grid is a sister site to Australia’s leading renewable energy website, RenewEconomy.com.au. It is designed to provide information to consumers on new technologies, what other people are doing, and to help them through this maze of information.

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