About Us

Living Smart is an environmental sustainability program run by Sunshine Coast Council.

Beryl McNabb a keen gardener

The Living Smart program empowers Sunshine Coast residents to adopt simple, sustainable lifestyle changes that make a positive impact now and for future generations. 

You'll find education, community programs, useful resources and information that will help you to embrace sustainable living practices.

Together we can reduce the use of natural resources and dramatically reduce consumer waste and achieve improved outcomes by making better choices about:

  • how we travel and move around
  • our energy consumption
  • renewable energy alternatives and resource efficiency (including water and waste)
  • food and other consumables (the things we buy)
  • our connection to the natural environment
  • the capacity to live within our means.

From growing your own and shopping locally to making sustainable building choices, Living Smart can help.

Buying local

To increase community understanding and adoption of sustainable living practices council works with the community and business to strengthen their knowledge, skills and social connections to live sustainably.

Find out more about the Sunshine Coast Council’s Environment and Livability Strategy.