New Years Resolutions Don't Work


Why are News Years resolutions so hard to keep

##### How are your New Year's Resolutions tracking?

Hands up if you set a New Years Resolution for 2019? Keep your hand up if you've already lost momentum or you realise it's quickly taken a back seat? If your hand is still up (in your mind at least) then I'm speaking to you.

Rest assured - this is not a lecture or guilt trip! That is not at all what I'm about. I'm sharing with you some insights as to why your resolution may not have stuck so well!

That's right, it's no surprise for many of us to hear that New Year's Resolutions rarely work.

In fact, research shows that by mid February, 80% of all New Year's Resolutions will have failed. Yes, failed!

So why is this so? Why did you set your resolution in the first place? Was it because it's truly reflects what you want to be doing? Is it what lights you up? Is it what excites you to jump out of bed? Is it what feels good in your bones when you think about it?

Or, is it because it's what you think you should be doing? If you are like most people, the latter will be the better fit.

Most resolutions are set because:
  1. It's New Years Eve and we hear they're a good idea
  2. They're what you didn't achieve last year (or the year before!), and;
  3. It's what you hope you'll actually do this year!

What we don't take into account is a feeling based intention with the goal (read on and I'll explain this key point later), a plan of how we will integrate this goal into our daily lives, or a firm and unwavering commitment to our goal. Let's face it, if we were actually committed to the goal, we'd already be doing it!

So, if resolutions don't work, then what does?

It all starts with what we really want to feel by achieving that particular goal. If we simply have a goal that we can't relate to or connect with, chances are we won't achieve it. When we identify what our desired goal will bring to our lives, we begin to see and embody it in a completely different way - in a way that's exciting and motivating, making us much more likely to take the steps towards achieving our goal.

Let's take fitness and weight loss as an example, since they are the number one New Year's resolutions people set.

  • You want to be able to run the Sunshine Coast Marathon in August.
  • You want to lose 20kg by your birthday.
You first must ask what is this goal going to bring you?

Is it energy to be able to play with the kids on the weekends or start that passion project you dream of?

Is it confidence to wear that outfit you have your eye on, and rip up the dance floor on your birthday without feeling self conscious or embarrassed? Once we have a clear, feeling based intention which aligns with our goal, we are propelled to create an environment to bring us closer to that goal (how I like to think of goals, rather than us striving towards them), and exponentially increase our chances of success.


Written By Sally Jane Douglas, Fed for Wellness

About our contributor: Sally provides interactive plant-based cooking workshops in and around the Sunshine Coast, empowering people to fall in love with cooking and looking after themselves. One-to-one coaching with Sally is also available for life-changing results of sustainable weight loss, increased energy and vitality, reduction of bloating and digestive issues and feeling happier and confident in yourself. Learn more about working with Sally.

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