Country is Calling is a visual art exhibition that celebrates the work and stories of the Jinibara people; the Traditional Custodians of the mountains, valleys and hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast.

Curated by prominent Jinibara artist Jason Murphy, the exhibition explores the intricate connection between people and place. The five featured Jinibara artists - Jason Murphy, BJ Murphy, Caitlin Murphy, Allan Kina and Enid Kina - are each inspired by, and called to create, by country itself.

*Country is Calling* is an affirmation of the continued connection to culture that Jinibara peoples embody; an offering of deeply embedded practice, showcasing that culture is alive and evolving and that in this aliveness we find connection, truth and thriving arts and cultural practices across the broader Sunshine Coast region.

For the duration of Horizon Festival 2021, Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is also home to *Mimburi Ninyangurra* - sculptural installations of ‘Dreamtime Travellers’ - a tribute to Jinibara Country and the continuous flow of cultural knowledge it offers when we listen.

“I think the words traditional and modern are antiquated. Culture is a growing thing; always growing, always moving, always alive. If we categorise it with something that diminishes its growth, we diminish our own growth.”


Date: Sun 29 Aug – Sun 5 Sep,  
Time: 10am – 3pm daily 
Location: Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Gallery


Join us at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve for a ceremonial opening of Country is Calling and Mimburi Ninyangurra, gathering to celebrate the artists and the Jinibara community as the sun sets over Jinibara country.

Date: Sun 29 Aug 
Time: 3.30 –6.00pm 
Location: Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve – meet at The Discovery Centre entrance.


Come along and hear exhibiting artists yarn about *Mimburi Ninyangurra* and *Country is Calling* and the stories that live within the artworks and Country.

Date: Sat 4 Sep 
Time: 10:30 – 11:30am 
Location: Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Gallery 
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In 2021, Horizon Festival breathes new life into our most celebrated and loved event: Dawn Awakening.


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As the sun sets across the waters of Cotton Tree, we gather to pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians of the waterways, coastal plains and hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast, the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara peoples, and open Horizon Festival 2021.


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