Brewing change: cheers to the microbrewers embracing sustainability


Microbreweries are officially a thing. It seems that everyone is raising a glass with independently brewed beers these days.

Fortunately, the Sunshine Coast is home to a growing number of microbreweries embracing both the craft of beer-making and a commitment to sustainable practices.

As the heat of summer continues, Living Smart has put together a guide to the best

sustainable brews on the coast, complete with insider tips.

And the great news is that most have a taphouse where you can sample the brews on site, with funky atmospheres often accompanied by incredible locally-sourced food. Now that's something we can all drink to!

Brouhaha Brewery; Restaurant

5-6/39 Coral Street, Maleny

Inspired by the pace, culture and produce of their home town Maleny, Brouhaha Brewery is on a mission to tempt beer drinkers to try craft beer and support independent brewers.

Created by locals for locals, the Brouhaha team believes beer should be fresh, local and enjoyed with good food and great friends. Known for their IPA, Milk Stout and Pale Ale, and their curious seasonal range, Brouhaha brews are constantly evolving as they experiment with different fruits and beer styles.


Starting this year, Brouhaha has transitioned to Biopack biocane beer rings. Made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp, the rings are home compostable and recyclable.

"This simple change will swap the 60,000 plus plastic beer carriers we are expected to use in 2020 to an eco-friendly alternative" says Brouhaha's Toby Stodart.

A partnership with small-scale local meat producer, Maleny Wagyu, creates a miniature circular economy. Spent grain from the brewing process is used to feed Maleny Wagyu cattle. Each month, Brouhaha chefs purchase one of their cows and use a zero-waste nose to tail cooking ethos to showcased on the restaurant menu.

Ten Acres artisan bakers also use the spent grain, along with Brouhaha beer, to make their popular sourdough, which has become a staple in the restaurant. Other menu ingredients are sourced from within 20km of the brewery.

A truly local brew

Rather than sourcing sour culture from the United States, Brouhaha's sour is crafted using lactobacillus culture from Maleny Dairies Natural Yoghurt, supporting the local food system and creating more depth of character in the beer.

Where to get it

See the website for stockists. Aside from the brewery, Brouhaha brews are available at Cellarbrations and BWS on the Sunshine Coast as well as independent bottle shops, bars and restaurants across South East Queensland.

Insider tips
  • Go for the assorted paddle to get a taste of 10 brews
  • Try the seasonal sour
  • Book ahead if you plan to dine

Sunshine Coast Brewery

13 Endeavour Drive, Kunda Park

The Sunshine Coast Brewery has been brewing hand-crafted beer since 1998, so it's not only the first craft brewery on the Sunshine Coast but the oldest running microbrewery in Queensland.

Initially focused on making ginger beers, this award-winning local brewery now crafts more than a dozen different brews including Golden and Summer Ales, a Pilsner, pale ale and a classic robust Porter.

Going eco

Packaging is designed to reflect the hand-crafted nature of Sunshine Coast Brewery beers, with fully recyclable glass bottles packed in recyclable cardboard cartons.

Even better customers can access fresh, draught beer at home or for parties, without any single-use packaging with growler refill and keg hire services.

The brewery has its very own worm farm in action, feeding worms with organic waste from the kitchen. The worm liquid is then used as fertiliser on plants in the brewery garden. Spent grain from the brewing process sent to a local farmer to use as cattle feed.

Energy innovation

Most cold liquor tanks use glycol refrigeration to chill the water used in the brewing process. Sunshine Coast Brewery's innovative system chills water in a vat in the onsite cold room, reducing energy usage. Hot water generated by the heat exchanger during the brewing process is retained and used for cleaning the brewhouse.

Where to get it

See the website for stockists. Cellar door sales are available at Kunda Park from Monday to Thursday 11am - 3pm and Fridays 11am to 6pm. Wholesale is also available for restaurants, bars and bottle shops.

Insider Tips
  • The onsite bar is open Fridays 11am to 6pm, with food trucks until 2pm.
  • Keg hire and growler refills available
  • Try the Rye ESB and the local Ginger Beer

Terella Brewing

196 Bunya Road, North Arm

If sitting on a picnic rug sipping local craft beer to the sound of live music while surrounded by rural views is your idea of an ideal Saturday arvo, then Terella Brewing is your kind of place.

The new kid on the local craft beer block, Terella Brewing is fast growing a reputation as a destination with its laidback vibe and full-flavoured, German inspired beers. The industrial-style taproom is equal parts contemporary industrial and farmhouse charm, with 15 taps showcasing Terella's regular and limited edition brews.

Meaning "Little Earth", Terella is a custom designed brewery that draws inspiration from science, a love of beer and a tangible connection to the land.

Australia-first sustainable brewing

Terella is developing an Australian-first sustainable brewing model that involves integrating the brewery with a vertical farm system. Water produced as a by-product of farming salad greens in the vertical farm will ultimately be used for brewing. Carbon dioxide collected during the brewing fermentation process will be injected back into the vertical farm's growing booths to sustain new salad crops.

Free ranging cattle on site enjoy the spent grain from the brewing process as well as nutrient-rich leafy greens from the vertical farm making for happy, healthy cows and delicious organic beef. Visitors can take home a selection of brews as well as stock up on salad greens and fresh organic beef.

Ten Acres bakery turns spent grains from the brewing process into artisan beer sourdough and German pretzel croissants, also sold on site. Used grain bags are supplied to organisations involved in Great Barrier Reef clean-ups.

Where to get it

The taproom at Terella Brewery is open Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 7pm and weekends 8.30am to 7pm. Terella beers are expected to pop up in local restaurants and bars very soon so watch this space!

Insider tips:
  • Try the Mango XPA and Session Ale
  • Live music and food trucks on Saturdays (check social channels for details)
  • Family-oriented and dog-friendly

10 Toes Brewery

4/127A Sugar Road, Alexandra Headland

10 Toes Brewery has a simple philosophy: "beer first, everything else comes second". But don't let the simplicity fool you. These folks take both brewing beer and sustainability seriously.

Inspired by their Alex Headland location, the 10 Toes line-up includes a bold, tropical-inspired Pale Ale, appropriately called "Pipeline", their popular Happy Days India Pale Ale and an American style Rye Amber Ale.

The brewery has an iconic old school pub vibe, with games, a pinball machine and weekly trivia nights. Even better, some of the coast's best food trucks and local muso's make an appearance on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Energy efficiency is a key part of the 10 Toes set-up. The use of highly efficient heat exchangers helps minimise their carbon footprint per litre of beer. Sophisticated centrifugation in the brewing process helps to maximise yield while minimising waste streams. You'll also find solar panels on the rooftop.

10 Toes encourages customers to use alternatives to single-use packaging, offering take-home growlers and squealers fills (glass bottles of 950ml or 1.89L).

Part of the Queensland container refund scheme, Ten Toes invites customers to return their four or six pack holders to be reused instead of throwing them out. The business is currently transitioning to compostable, plastic-free beer ring holders.

Spent grain goes to local farmers to be used as livestock feed.

Where to get it

The taphouse at Alexander Headland. 10 Toes beers are also available extensively across the Sunshine Coast and soon in Brisbane - check the website for stockists.

Insider tips:
  • Try the IPA
  • Pick up a growler to take home
  • Check out Facebook for food truck schedule

Your Mates Brewing Co.

41 Technology Drive, Warana

One Google reviewer described the Your Mates Brew House as a "perfect mix of welcome and cool" which pretty much sums it up. An industrial warehouse vibe with a whole load of heart and friendly staff, Your Mates has become the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.

Overflowing with personality, Your Mates brews Larry (Pale Ale), Donnie (Dark Ale), Macca (Lager) and Sally (IPA) were developed on the blood, sweat and tears of Moffat Beach locals, Christen McGarry and Matt Hepburn.

With a vision of "mateship, inclusiveness and sustainability", Your Mates strives to minimise their impact and regularly participates in local beach clean-ups. Their beers are packed in recyclable cans and cardboard boxes. Food at the restaurant is sourced locally where possible and everything is made in house.

Your Mates is also a passionate supporter of a bunch of charities including organisations that support men's mental health and Reef Check Australia which uses citizen science to inspire positive action for our reefs and oceans.

Where to get it

Check out the website finder for stockists and bars across south-east Queensland. Sunshine Coast locals can enjoy a brew at the Brew House Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 9pm (open late until 11pm Fridays and Saturdays).

Insider tips:
  • Get into a Larry (voted the 13th best beer in the country) on tap at the Brew House in Warana.
  • The tacos are so good! Wednesday night taco night has become an institution with the locals.
  • Keep an eye on social channels for Sunday sessions and special events.

If you know of a local microbrewer doing great things in the sustainability space, we would love to add them to this story. Please get in touch at [email protected]

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