Mimburi means ‘source’ or ‘continuous flow’ and Ninyangurra means ‘dreaming’, so Mimburi Ninyangurra means ‘Continuous Flow of Dreaming’.

Jinibara Elder and artist BJ Murphy presents a series of sculptural installations on the lawns of Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve - ‘Dreamtime Travellers’ created in tribute to Jinibara Country and the continuous flow of cultural knowledge it offers when we listen.

Made from fallen timber, vines and other ephemeral objects, the sculptural forms are decorated with locally collected ochres, seeds and feathers, relating to and speaking from Jinibara Country.

*Mimburi Ninyangurra* reveals ancient Aboriginal stories through sculptural form and sound. BJ Murphy researched and workshopped these stories through storytelling and research sessions with his family Elders, including Uncle Noel Blair, Uncle Jason Murphy and Aunty Enid Morris.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is a significant place for Jinibara people as it hosts an uninterrupted view to the ancestral Glasshouse Mountains, who each hold significant stories that will be told through the installation.

For the duration of Horizon Festival 2021, Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is also home to Country is Calling, a visual art exhibition held in the Gallery Space that celebrates the work and stories of the Jinibara people.

Date: Sun 29 Aug – Sun 5 Sep,  
Time: 10am – 3pm daily 
Location: Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve (Jinibara Country)OPENING CEREMONY

Join us at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve for a ceremonial opening of Mimburi Ninyangurra and Country is Calling, gathering to celebrate the incredible artists and the Jinibara community as the sun sets over Jinibara country.

Bush tucker and refreshments provided.

Date: Sun 29 Aug 
Time: 3.30pm 
Location: Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve – meet at The Discovery Centre entrance.


Come along and hear exhibiting artists yarn about *Mimburi Ninyangurra* and *Country is Calling* and the stories that live within the artworks and Country.

Date: Sat 4 Sep 
Time: 10:30 – 11:30am 
Location: Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Gallery 
Register here


Lead Artist: BJ Murphy 
Consultant sculptural construction: Rick Roser   
Curatorial and artistic support: Libby Harward  
Special guests: Jinibara performers 
Special guests: Jinibara Elders

This Homegrown project is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

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