Love Food Hate Waste Challenge - WEEK 2


This week is all about planning, purchasing, and preparing to avoid food waste. There are some great tools and recipes to get you started and if you didn’t get to Week 1 yet, no problems you can jump onboard the challenge at any time. With food costs experiencing significant increases at the moment, there is no better time to cut food waste and really save some dollar’$ and cut food related carbon emissions.

# Week 2: Prepare only what you need

This week is all about planning, purchasing, and preparing to avoid food waste.

  1. Plan: Planning your meals can cut your food waste fast! Start with planning your weekly dinners and work your way up to planning the majority of your meals. It will help you buy and cook only what you need, plus you’ll save time by knowing what’s on the menu. Make it even easier and add a ‘use it up’ day to your plan so you can use your leftovers or create a meal using items that need to be used up.

Check out the Love Food Hate Waste recipes for some inspiration. The ‘anything in’ breakfast burrito or rainbow fried rice are a couple of our favourites! 2. Purchase: It’s time to go shopping! Look at your meal plan and check your fridge, freezer and pantry to write a shopping list. Don’t leave the house on an empty stomach (you are more likely to overspend on food when hungry – we’ve all been there). Stick to your shopping list and you’ll save money by not buying food you have at home. 3. Prepare: It’s time to get cooking. Try to prepare only what you need for the number of people that are eating.

  • Add a ‘use it up’ day to your weekly meal plans.
  • Check out the Love Food Hate Waste online portion planner so you know how much to buy for your meals.
  • Beware that your eyes are not bigger than your stomach – Starting with a smaller serving can reduce food waste.

The challenge


This week your challenge is to create a meal plan!

Get the household involved or be the boss of your own menu, then keep your plan somewhere you can see it. This meal plan template will help keep you on track.

So, what’s for dinner?

Share your progress with us by tagging @QldEnvironment and using #FoodWasteChallenge #qldenvironment on Facebook!

Did you know?


Every time we waste food, we are also wasting the resources used to get it to our plates, such as water, transport, and energy. A few small changes in our kitchens can lead to big impacts for our environment.
Click here for more resources and information on the challenge.

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