Nothing new for Christmas

Nothing new for Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is also the time of the greatest waste. Food goes uneaten, wrapping goes to landfill, unwanted gifts end up at charity.

The most wonderful time of the year is also the time of the greatest waste. Food goes uneaten, wrapping goes to landfill, unwanted gifts end up at charity.

Australians give up to $400 million worth of unwanted gifts annually and use a massive 150,000 km of wrapping paper a year. That’s enough to go around the world 4 times!

To make it easy to #buynothingnnew, Living Smart has created a series of videos with some gorgeous ideas for gifts and decorations you can make with what you have at home. Ditch the wrapping, embrace DIY decorating and get creative with handmade and upcycled presents

Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive, wasteful or plastic-filled. 

Get inspired with these Living Smart videos 

Buy nothing new for Christmas

Handmade heat pack or eye pillow for healthy gifting
DIY festive gifts for your Dog or Cat
Reusable gift wrapping and thoughtful gifting
Plastic free Christmas tinsel and decorations

OR Love your Leftovers

Waste nothing this Christmas with these handy videos from 4 Ingredients Kim McKosker

Cold Cuts Kim and Roz show us how to turn our left-over cold meats in delicious kebabs to ensure no food is wasted this Christmas. Dressed with a gorgeous honey and seedy mustard and cook on a hotplate, your kids will demolish these in minutes.

Cheeses Cheese is too valuable to waste so watch how Kim and Roz create a platter that uses beautiful local cheeses paired with locally produced crackers and seasonal fruits. Kim says we should consider how much cheese is needed as pre-dinner snacks as opposed to a cheese plate for dessert as a way of reducing waste and not over-eating.

Veggies = frittata Bundle those leftover roasted veggies into a frittata by adding some eggs and cream. Use up all those leftover herbs and add a couple of tasty items such as capers or anchovies, olive oil and lemon juice to make a sparkling salsa verde to add zing to your frittata. Top tip: put your salad dressing in a jar not on the salad so the salad can be saved for another day.

Pizza platter Some great food-safety tips from Martin and we can all enjoy our leftover ham, prawns, veggies and fruit as Martin and Kim turn leftovers into pizza in this episode of Love your Leftovers.

Fruit cake fabulous Martin Duncan shows us how thick slices of Christmas cake can be gently fried in butter till the fruits caramelise and crisp, served with ice-cream for dessert. While Kim walks us through turning cake into mini Christmas puddings topped with melted white chocolate.

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