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Ditch the parking woes and forget trying to find a taxi, Think Change have a better option, FREE valet parking for bikes and scooters

If you're heading to the Mooloolaba fireworks this New Year's Eve, make sure you plan your journey ahead of time.

Think Change

Getting to the event

  • Ride to the event, 
    a ‘ThinkChange’ FREE Bike Valet service is available for all bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters etc. The bike valet service is located just outside the event zone on River Esplanade, South of the Mooloolaba Surf Club. This bike valet service will operate from 4pm – 12:30am on the event day.
  • Neuron Mobility will also have parking stations outside the fenced and gated event zone. Riders will be able to book and use e-bikes and e-scooters through the Neuron App. To find other e-transport businesses on the Sunshine Coast, try searching in your favourite search engine.
  • Ride Share - don't forget to update your ride share apps
  • Public Transport visit/use the TransLink Journey Planner to plan your journey home safely.
  • Kinetic shuttle bus to and from the event. The free Park N Ride shuttle bus service departs from outside the front of Chancellor State College at USC to Alexandra Headland carpark (the northern end of the Mooloolaba Esplanade). Public parking is available at USC – CP15 carpark on Claymore Road. Buses run between locations from 5 – 10pm, every 15 minutes. Expect some delays after 8.30pm fireworks.
Fireworks and the environment

The fireworks displays are presented by local company Fuse Pyrotechnics.



Fuse Pyrotechnics recognises the environmental impact of fireworks and is taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

While traditional multishot cakes are manufactured using rolled cardboard tubes and compressed clay end plugs, Fuse Pyrotechnics multishot cakes are made using new manufacturing technology from a combination of calcite and rice stubble moulded into a single, complete unit. As there are no clay end plugs, spent cake carcasses are easily broken down with water offering a significantly more environmentally friendly option than standard cardboard/clay cakes whilst reducing our waste output.

Fuse Pyrotechnics source only professional-grade fireworks which are made from biodegradable paper, leaving no compounds or chemicals wafting through the air.

Management of Environmental Impacts

In keeping with our Health, Safety & Environment Policy, Fuse Pyrotechnics is committed to minimising environmental impacts in the following ways:

  • Display Debris - The majority of debris produced by fireworks consists of paper, cardboard and clay from bursting projectiles. These materials are usually very small in nature and are non-hazardous and biodegradable. Wherever possible, Fuse Pyrotechnics removes all plastic and non-biodegradable packaging from pyrotechnic products immediately prior to firing. All rubbish produced on the display site is collected in boxes for disposal by the appropriate methods. 
  • Noise - Fireworks are inherently noisy and while some ‘low-noise’ effects exist, they are limited in variety and generally make up only a small portion of a complete fireworks display. The best approach to manage the noise associated with outdoor fireworks displays is to provide plenty of notice to the public. In the case of the Sunshine Coast NYE fireworks, routine event advertising will ensure the general public is made aware of the planned fireworks displays.
  • Air Pollution - All pyrotechnics produce some degree of smoke with the level of smoke output being commensurate with product quality. For reasons of both display quality and environmental impact, Fuse Pyrotechnics uses the highest quality outdoor fireworks available for cleaner and sharper visual effect.
  • Contamination - Pyrotechnic products are manufactured using a range of chemicals to produce the various colours and effects. These chemicals are in solid form and are therefore contained within the pyrotechnic devices. Once fired, the chemicals are consumed thereby eliminating the risk of environmental contamination. Any product that did not fire as intended during the display is returned to the work shed for disposal by the appropriate methods.


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