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Category sponsor UnityWater, Go For Zero Founder and Sunshine Coast Mayor Rosanna Natoli

Sponsored by Unitywater, these businesses are walking the walk and making a difference to Sunshine Coast Biosphere.

Each of these businesses are leading by example, saving money, reducing emissions, cutting waste, supporting, preserving and protecting our Sunshine Coast Biosphere.

Go For Zero, founded in 2018, leads the way in promoting sustainability and inspiring others to reduce waste and harmful ingredients in their daily lives. With a wide range of 2,000 plus eco-friendly products, this State Telstra Best of Business award-winning company prioritises giving back to the community through donations to Australian charities. By focusing on a circular economy, minimising waste, and operating as a certified carbon positive organisation, Go For Zero sets a high standard for environmental responsibility. Through education and community engagement, they empower individuals to make a positive impact on the planet.

Biosphere Business of the Year nominees

Brush Turkey Enterprises showcase their ongoing dedication to conservation by focusing on education, ecological restoration, and the propagation of indigenous plants. For 26 years they have highlighted the importance of both ecological and cultural aspects of key plant species. Taking an innovative and inclusive approach, they engage various voices in safeguarding culturally significant flora. Their initiatives include a well- received community symposium and public art exhibition aimed at raising awareness about bunya dieback. By uniting diverse stakeholders, they have fostered a collaborative, community-centred method to monitor and reduce species decline.

ECOllaboration is a for-purpose environmental organisation dedicated to nurturing nature and promoting a sustainable future for the Sunshine Coast. They focus on restoring ecosystems, providing environmental education, and delivering consultancy services, while engaging communities in environmental stewardship. Through various projects like the South Maroochy Rivercare initiative and Maroochy Waterwatch program, they have made significant contributions to land management, tree planting, and water quality testing. With a strong commitment to sustainability and community impact, ECOllaboration’s efforts have earned them recognition, including the Medium Employer of the Year award in 2023. Their extensive work aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals and Biosphere values.

Gateway Care has made a significant impact on the Sunshine Coast Biosphere through its dedicated community programs. Since 2003, they have continuously expanded their reach and influence, particularly in the areas of food security and environmental sustainability. Through innovative initiatives like the Community Connect Centre, Food Centre, and Food Rescue Warehouse, Gateway Care has provided essential support to over 40,000 families, while also reducing food waste and supporting biodiversity. Their holistic approach, focusing on ‘Connect, Collect, Care,’ exemplifies their commitment to both people and the planet.

Narrows Escape are national tourism award winners, offering conscious luxury with a small environmental footprint. They prioritise sustainable and ethical tourism and hold advanced eco-certification. The business is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by using solar panels, sourcing local food, offsetting carbon emissions, and promoting eco-friendly practices. Guests are encouraged to reuse towels, and rooms are designed for energy efficiency. Recycling, composting, and donations are part of their waste management strategy. They support ethically sourced products and inspire guests to make eco-conscious choices. Most lights are LED, with natural lighting emphasised in living areas.

Nooks and Cooks Tanika Orr, an Eastern Arrernte woman, runs Nooks and Cooks, a food van situated on Kabi Kabi country. The van aims to enlighten customers, raise cultural awareness, and honour the richness and diversity of Indigenous cuisine. Nooks and Cooks operate under the principle of ‘Caring for Country’, emphasising respect for the land and its resources ensuring their sustainable use for future generations. Tanika utilises native ingredients from the community and is dedicated to sharing her expertise through workshops on foraging wild food, Indigenous cooking methods, and passing down knowledge to younger individuals.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School cultivates a love for learning and ensures that sustainability principles permeate all aspects of school life. Through the School’s innovative programs and collaborative efforts, they inspire positive change and advocate for a more sustainable future, locally and globally. Their dedication to environmental stewardship is evident through the Grammar Helping Hands program, involvement in the 2023 Kids in Action BiospHERO Presentation Day, the Principal’s membership on the Biosphere Community Advisory Board and attendance at the UNESCO Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum in Paris. Their global engagements underscore their commitment to creating responsible global citizens.

The Point Coolum has embarked on a journey of sustainability over the past year. The team has made small but impactful changes to make their accommodation more eco-friendly. They are reducing, and eliminating plastic and waste, donating leftover amenities, transitioning to greener cleaning, offsetting carbon emissions, and have plans to go solar later in the year. The Point Coolum are proud partners of Visit Sunshine Coast’s Sustainable Sunshine Coast Program.

Thrifter leads the way in embracing circular economy principles, transforming the fashion industry with its innovative sustainability practices. By providing clothing racks for rent to vendors, Thrifter advocates for clothing reuse and encourages mindful consumer habits, reducing textile waste significantly. This initiative not only minimises environmental impact but also fosters a sustainable fashion environment. Thrifter’s dedication to sustainability is evident across all its operations, from waste reduction measures and a strict no-plastic-bag policy to ethical business standards, showcasing the harmonious balance between profitability and sustainability.

Visit Sunshine Coast is committed to creating a greener future through the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program. This Australian-first initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions across the destination by bringing together visitors and the local tourism industry for reforestation and ecosystem restoration. In collaboration with Reforest, they have planted 10,000 trees in the Cooroy Mountain Wildlife Corridor, marking a significant step towards environmental conservation and innovation through collaborative efforts.

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