Low cost tips to lower your heating bill

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From odd sock snakes to flicking a switch, find out how to reduce your energy bills

Ditch the degree - the sweet spot for your thermostat is 18-20°C. Each degree up could mean a 10% energy cost hike. So, before you crank that dial, check out these nifty, cost-free tips.

Check your threads - we're not trying to be cheeky, but a few extra layers could stop you reaching for the heat switch. A pair of socks can make a world of difference, especially with tile flooring.

Someone wearing socks

Assess your space - if there are rooms you're not using, keep the doors shut. There's no point in paying to heat a room with no one in it.

Clock it in - scan those thermostat instructions and set it to warm things up when you're home. Consider switching it off while you're snoozing and set it to fire up 30 minutes before your alarm. Do the same while you're out.


Drape it up - windows can let through 40% of your home's heat. If you're lacking curtains or similar, this could be a smart investment. Check out charity stores or invest in thermal curtains. Floor-to-ceiling curtains and pelmets can also reduce heat loss.

Curtains can help keep the heat in.

Block those draughts - fancy or frugal, a good old door snake can help keep your room toasty. There are hundreds of instructables on Pinterest and Youtube. We're loving this one make from mismatched socks! 

four odd socks

Fan flip - most ceiling fans have a switch to reverse the direction of the blades. This will push the warm air down and the cool air up.

Harness the sun - make the most of natural light. Open those curtains when the sun's out and close them when it's not.

Shower smart - avoid using the shower as a heat source. Stick to a 4-minute rinse and save on your hot water bill.

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Air-dry apparel - dial down on dryer use and let the sun and wind work their magic. If that's not an option, indoor racks are super easy to use.

Shop around - the energy market is competitive. You could be missing out on a better deal. If you're attached to your current provider, let them know you're considering a switch. They might have a better plan for you.


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