Bringing the War on Waste to your home or neighbourhood

Now in its second season, ABC TV's War on Waste continues to ask the tough questions and offer take-home solutions for individuals, families and communities to reduce waste.

War On Waste kick-started a national conversation about waste when it first screened last year, with host Craig Reucassel tackling the big issues around recycling and where our waste ends up.

The program sparked ongoing action around the country, including here in south-east Queensland where waste warriors are bringing people in their communities together to tackle their burning issues at a local level.

Living Smart has brought together some of the best resources from War On Waste and beyond, creating a go-to place for ideas on reducing waste for your household and community. We'll also be shining the light on south-east Queensland waste warriors who are collaborating with individuals and businesses in their community to take action.

Check in regularly for the latest tips and to find out what's happening in your 'hood.


War on Waste podcast episodes

We've selected some of the most compelling War On Waste videos that are relevant for south-east Queensland waste warriors.

Do you know a Waste Warrior?

If you know a waste warrior who is doing good in your 'hood on the Sunshine Coast, Redland City or Moreton Bay, we want to hear about it!

We're looking for waste warriors who make a difference in their communities to shout their stories from the rooftops and celebrate their achievements. It could be a kid or parent at the local school who is championing zero-waste lunchboxes, a local bar phasing out plastic straws or a business creating alternatives to single-use items like coffee cups. Or it could be you!

If you are or know someone who is active in this space with a story to tell, email us below with the details including:

  • Name of person or business
  • Your name and contact phone number
  • 200-300 words or a brief video
  • Photos are also welcome!


Find out more about waste and recycling in your area from your local council websites.

Sunshine Coast Council

Council provides a comprehensive waste collection, disposal, recycling and advisory service for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Morten Bay Regional Council

For information about bin collection services, recycling and sustainability, waste facilities, education programs and waste forms and fact sheets.

Noosa Shire Council

Council encourages recycling, and provides yellow recycling bins for the disposal of various household packaging and containers.

Redland City Council

Information on bins, bin collection, waste and recycling in the Redlands.

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