30 March 2019

EARTH HOUR #connect2earth

Sunshine Coast Council

The fight for our planet’s future is on!

Australia is home to some of the world’s most iconic and breathtaking natural landscapes and wildlife. But just like many of the natural wonders across our blue-green planet, we’re facing massive threats to our biodiversity due to climate change.

That’s why millions of people in over 180 countries are switching off their lights for Earth Hour as a symbolic gesture to show the need for stronger climate action. Are you ready to join the movement, Australia?

It’s time to switch off and #Connect2Earth.


Take the Solar Lights Challenge




PARTNER: Join the Earth Hour Solar Light challenge and receive the free educational pack.
Note: While lesson plans are free we have a limited number of Earth Hour solar lights available, so please contact us today.

LEARN: Aussie students learn about energy poverty and how a solar light can save lives. They write a personal letter to their ‘buddy’, which is sent together with the light.

MAKE: Participants learn about solar technology, how energy can be created from the sun, and how to assemble the solar light as part of a fun hands-on engaging activity.

DONATE: Our partner SolarBuddy collects the solar lights and distributes them to children living in energy poverty in Papua New Guinea.



Businesses and Communities

Engage your staff and customers in this fun challenge and help transform the lives of children in need.

How many lights can you assemble?
Simply fill in the registration and order forms below and get started today.

We will provide a workplace learning plan with educational videos and unassembled solar lights - delivered to and picked up from your office.

The gift of your solar light purchase will also subsidise the cost of the program for Australian students.

Get in touch with our Workplace Giving Program to find out more.


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