Battle of the Coffee Cups

Half of the plastic produced globally goes into products that are used only once, which creates a staggering amount of waste. This is one reason why we don't use disposable cups at home. Why then, do we have a throwaway culture elsewhere? With 500 billion disposable cups produced every year, inconvenience is no longer an acceptable reason. Reuse or refrain.

Disposable Cup Versus the Keep Cup and other reusables

Promotes a throwaway culture of one-time use Promotes larger movement of reuse and sustainability
Part of the problem Part of the solution
Compostable and biodegradable paper cups cannot be put into household compost No composting required, just keeps on keeping on.
1 million disposable cups end up in landfill every minute 3.5 billion disposable cups diverted from landfill by KeepCup and other reusable cup users
There is the same amount of plastic in 20 disposable cups as one small KeepCup Yes this is plastic but reusable!
Minutes in your hand, up to 50 years in landfill. Use KeepCup for 3 years plus. Then recycle.
Many disposable cups cannot be recycled (most disposable cups are lined with polyethylene, contaminating the recycling stream). Every KeepCup can be recycled
Polystyrene Polyethylene Paper Polyproplyene Silicon LDPE or Glass



Disposable cups present a global environmental issue, but the solution is relatively simple. In just a few years KeepCup users alone have diverted 3.5 billion cups from landfill and we're only just getting started.

As a bonus your reusable cup is much more stylish, coming in a range, colours and ranges…..we love the glass ones. Come on we know you want to!

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