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20 Jul 2021

Pineapple on pizza? Ballots encourage smokers to bin their butts and protect our planet

A start-up founded by three Sunshine Coast locals is trying to change this with fun, voting-style cigarette disposal units that encourage smokers to bin their butts correctly.

20 Jul 2021


Schools are an integral place to teach and instill sustainable practices within our future generations. Our children learn the impacts of plastic pollution and are more aware of this issue than ever.

16 Jul 2021

Plogging: the locals turning a workout into a treasure hunt

It’s called “plogging” and it’s a great way to get fit, keep our environment clean and take action this Plastic Free July. Plogging combines two words – jogging and the Swedish phrase for pick up, “plocka upp”.

07 Jul 2021

Plastic Free on a Budget

Providing cultural perspectives on plastic waste reduction initiatives in the Asia Pacific region. With Sahar Mansoor @saharmansoor and Tim de Ridder @timderidder1 Bare Necessities - Zero Waste India

01 Jul 2021

Cook Along with @ZeroWasteChef, Anne Marie Bonneau

Please remind your residents to register for this hands on session , where they will make fried rice using ingredients they already have at home.

30 Jun 2021

Reuse wins: top findings show reuse beats single-use every time

Today, much of institutional and fast casual dining – and virtually all takeout and delivery – happens using disposable food-serviceware. And all those takeout containers, bags, boxes, condiment packets, plastic utensils, cold and hot cups and lids, and napkins add up.

30 Jun 2021

How This Groundbreaking Sailboat Is Clearing Plastic From the Oceans

Manta, named for the retractable wings it uses to hold solar panels, is an environmental showstopper. Taking in three tons of waste an hour, 10,000 in a year, it is the first sea-cleaning ship capable of collecting plastic waste on an industrial scale.

30 Jun 2021

DIY Reusable Beeswax Wraps

Here is a short video by the fabulous team at 1 Million Women that shows you the most simplified version of making a reusable wax wrap.

02 Jun 2021

Talking Circular Communities with Chad Buxton

Chad Buxton is the founder of Circular Communities, a consultancy focused on harnessing this power to help navigate change for good – change that is good for people, business and our environment.

28 May 2021

Speed date a sustainability expert

When: June 19th, 2021, 2pm-5pm (AEST) Where: Online (Zoom link provided upon booking) Sponsored by: Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)

06 May 2021

15 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

“…and this is all the plastic shit I found in my house” Image: Plastic Planet Documentary (2009) We brush our teeth with it, eat and drink from it and even wear it: from the moment we wake up until we go to bed, plastic is all around us.

21 Apr 2021

Make your own bone broth or vegetable stock

Heralded from a time when meat consumption was typically low and nothing went to waste, bone broths utilise animal waste products (think: bones, cartilage and feet) to create a frugal yet nourishing dietary addition.

13 Apr 2021

Local health service embraces global green challenge

But the innovative team at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) is actively pursuing change, with several pioneering programs underway and commitment to a global green hospitals initiative.

07 Apr 2021

Is your plastic food packaging recyclable?

It can also be challenging to figure out which items can be recycled. A recent WWF study found that of 82 common packaged products, only 20% were recyclable at home.

10 Mar 2021

MobileMuster encourages Australians to Go for Zero in March

“One electronic device that almost every adult has is the smartphone. This has changed lives, societies and economies,” Duffy said. “But when they are no longer of use, we throw these devices into a desk draw or cupboard.

17 Feb 2021

Our future waste

Around half of the material in Sunshine Coast household general waste bins could be diverted from landfill and recycled. Sunshine Coast Council is therefore looking at how we collect waste from households to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfill and achieve recycling targets outlined in the Queensland Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy.

17 Jan 2021

Coast “fix it” cafés reduce landfill and keep skills alive

Across the Sunshine Coast, an increasing number of fix it type cafes are popping up and old school tinkerers who repair everything from garden furniture to bicycles are busier than ever.

14 Jan 2021

Yandina business compost pilot an Australian first

Food Waste Loop, a Yandina Community Gardens (YCG) pilot program, is collecting food waste from local businesses and turning it into compost which is already in high demand.

22 Dec 2020

Love your Leftovers tips for less waste this Christmas

Love your Leftovers Veggies = Frittata Bundle those leftover roasted veggies into a frittata by adding some eggs and cream. Use up all those leftover herbs and add a couple of tasty items such as capers or anchovies, olive oil and lemon juice to make a sparkling salsa verde to add zing to your frittata.

22 Dec 2020

Christmas Settings - Paper Chains

Christmas decorations can be as easy as stapling pretty-coloured paper into chains. This is a great activity to do with your family and stored properly, will last for years.

22 Dec 2020

Christmas settings - Table Decorations

Martin and Kim encourage us to break out the old family favourite tableware or buy some bling from the local op shop. This is an opportunity to let your kids’ creativity shine in front of the whole family.

02 Dec 2020

Nothing new for Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is also the time of the greatest waste. Food goes uneaten, wrapping goes to landfill, unwanted gifts end up at charity.

09 Nov 2020

Nothing New for Christmas - Launch RepairLab Workshop Series

EMPOWERING THE COMMUNITY TO REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE The NightQuarter RepairLab has a mission to empower the community to participate in the circular economy. The space provides opportunities for the community to meet with skilled local makers, artisans and craftspeople to repair and reuse furniture, clothes, jewellery, bicycles and more.

06 Nov 2020

Planet arks National recycling week

This established and highly regarded annual campaign continues to educate and stimulate behaviour change, by: Promoting kerbside, industrial and community recycling initiatives Giving people the tools to minimise waste and manage material resources responsibly at home, work and school.

05 Nov 2020

Recycle right Sunshine Coast

In the kitchen In this video, you’ll learn: Should you rinse your recycling? How to recycle meat trays What to do with soft plastics you can scrunch up with your hand?

15 Sep 2020

Connect and Share with Spare Harvest

Moving to the Sunshine Coast several years ago, Helen wanted her family to experience the same connection to food that she did growing up, so they bought acreage where the family could grow their own produce.

24 Aug 2020

Breakfast Box recipe from 4 Ingredients

This simple and nutritious breakfast is another popular before school breakfast from 4 Ingredients. Children just love the layers and it’s an easy way to get them to eat fruit for the first important meal of the day.

20 Jul 2020

Recycle Right Sunshine Coast video

If too many of the wrong items end up in our recycling bin, this can spoil the load and no one wants that! Check out this video with Sandie Johnston from the Sunshine Coast Council’s Waste 2 Resource Education Program as she shows us all we need to know about the essentials of recycling.

20 Jul 2020

Not sure what plastics you can change?

• help us to track the trends in the common plastics that households use • discover for yourself all the plastics that ‘sneak’ into your shopping

07 Jul 2020

The 'ABC Quick Check' bike service

The ‘M’ Check is an easy bike safety check you can do at home before your ride – without being an expert. This stands for: A = Air B = Brakes C = Chain, crankset and cassette Quick = Quick release axles Check = Test ride

01 Jul 2020

Cloth Nappies 101: eco-friendly alternatives to disposables

Dirty nappies are a major contributor to waste dumped in public places. Nappies are also of the top contaminants that are mistakenly plastic in yellow lidded recycling bins here on the Sunshine Coast.

01 Jul 2020

Leave No Trace or Trash: Tips for Zero Waste Camping Trips

It’s always harder to keep up your low waste lifestyle when away from home because you are far away from your tried and trusted bulk stores and you don’t know the area and where zero waste is supported.

30 Jun 2020

Beach clean up Free T-Shirt Bag Workshop

Come along for the free workshop

30 Jun 2020

Pick up Ten Little Pieces – anywhere, anytime

The organisation was founded by Sunshine Coast local Alison Foley, who was recently recognised with the 2020 SCC Australia Day Award for the Environment and Sustainability for her efforts in tackling plastic pollution.

30 Jun 2020

Be part of the solution – plastic free July beach clean-ups

And with a surge in single use plastics due to Covid-19, local environmental groups are concerned about the potential impact of even more plastic pollution on Sunshine Coast marine life.

30 Jun 2020

Our Visionary Ocean Warriors – turn trash into treasure

Jazmin Simmons and Poppy Ives, 15, will host a mini festival at Caloundra’s Happy Valley in September where people can turn trash into treasure. Every ten pieces of litter collected earns a Trash Token which becomes currency to purchase second hand clothes, toys and books at a pop-up market set up on site.

29 Jun 2020

Amy’s zero waste mission

After reading Bea Johnson’s book Zero Waste Home Amy was determined to reduce the amount of landfill her family generated with a focus on plastic use.

29 Jun 2020

4 ways to line your bin - plastic free

Now, how to line a garbage bin at home has become a hot topic of conversation…and a source of confusion. Sure, you could use the fifteen cent heavy-duty bags from the supermarket but that would defeat the purpose of trying to reduce single-use plastics.

29 Jun 2020

Going for zero: choosing plastic and toxin-free bathroom products

You might have a keep cup and you’re doing pretty well at cutting down on plastic use in the kitchen. But walk into your bathroom and it’s filled with plastic bottles, tubes, tubs and pump packs filled with ingredients you can’t even pronounce and it all feels a little overwhelming.

29 Jun 2020

14 tips for reducing plastic use in the kitchen

We recommend starting in the kitchen as it’s generally the place where our plastic-using habits are most prolific. It’s also where most plastic is brought in from outside the home.

29 Jun 2020

Anytime, anywhere: helping kids take action on ocean pollution

But how do you get the kids involved in taking action on ocean pollution? Living Smart has partnered with Ten Little Pieces to create this guide for parents, teachers and anyone who spends time with children to empower them to take action on ocean pollution.

04 Jun 2020

Return to Vendor

Therefore it was a no brainer for him to move onto his next business challenge that tackles the issue of single use takeaway food packaging.

31 May 2020

Resetting your kitchen to reduce waste and plastic

Living Smart hosted a series of workshops for Plastic Free July, designed to cut through the information overload and make waste and plastic reduction achievable for everyone.

26 May 2020

Seasonal Gardening Tips for May - Subtropical QLD

The lawn may not be growing as fast as in summer, but make the most of grass clippings by using as mulch or adding to your compost.

25 May 2020

Farming in harmony with nature: The Falls Farm

Set in an idyllic Mapleton location between two of the Sunshine Coast’s most spectacular national parks, The Falls Farm is a remarkable tale about farming in harmony with nature.

06 May 2020

Small Space Gardening

Potter about your patio Anne Gibson, the Micro Gardener - introduction to growing microgreens It’s the perfect time to get dirty. Dirty hands that is, by digging deep into some micro gardening on your patio, veranda, landing, balcony, courtyard or deck.

06 May 2020

Keeping backyard chickens

With self-sufficiency becoming the new norm, it’s no surprise that chickens are popping up in backyards everywhere. Keeping chickens has many benefits and done properly will reward you and your garden for years to come.

06 May 2020

How to use Bokashi Bins

The micro-organisms in the mix also ensure the waste does not putrefy. To complete the composting process the waste is transferred outside and buried beneath the soil.

16 Apr 2020

The wash-up on coronavirus and food from CSIRO

On our virtual sofa, we spoke with resident expert and senior food microbiology consultant, Cathy Moir. Here’s what she had to say on all things food and coronavirus.

31 Mar 2020

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) support for business

If there is a COVID-19 transmission in the workplaces contact your local public health service or phone 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) at any time.

28 Mar 2020

B-WELL & PROSPER: An online space to discover Wellbeing & Mental Health tools, resources, programs

Our content is simple, engaging and provides you with real, practical and inspiring information. Signing up to the B-Well + Prosper Hub gives you access to all of this content + more!

27 Mar 2020


These times of the Covid-19 pandemic can be tough for parents with school-aged children at home (not to mention for children with their parents always around!

26 Mar 2020

Thousands of free online resources at Sunshine Coast Libraries

Spending a lot of time at home? Struggling to keep the kids amused? The Sunshine Coast Libraries website has thousands of entertainment and educational resources that can be accessed online - for free!

25 Mar 2020

Viral kindness: the acts of generosity bringing our community together

Tough times can often bring out the best in a community and the coronavirus crisis is no exception. Across the Sunshine Coast, acts of generosity and kindness are bringing people together as we learn to adapt to a completely different way of life.

24 Mar 2020

The Living Smart guide to accessing local food and supporting our local producers

Here on the Sunshine Coast, we are fortunate to have an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts and local goods grown and crafted right here, in our own backyard.

05 Mar 2020

New Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is excited to launch our new Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood. The Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood was developed in consultation with the early childhood community over a three-year period and promotes a whole-service, play-based approach to delivering pleasurable food education to young children.

23 Feb 2020

Brewing change: cheers to the microbrewers embracing sustainability

Fortunately, the Sunshine Coast is home to a growing number of microbreweries embracing both the craft of beer-making and a commitment to sustainable practices.

28 Jan 2020

Sunshine Coast Design Book

The Sunshine Coast Design book is the result of a collaborative process that included: residents design professionals planners professional associations and community groups of the Sunshine Coast.

15 Nov 2019

Building a locavore movement: supporting local producers on the Sunshine Coast

Did you know that almost a quarter of the strawberries grown in Queensland are grown on the Sunshine Coast? In fact, an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables and other items are grown right here, in our own backyard.

14 Nov 2019

Recycling Mythbusters

What can and can’t go in the recycling bin can be confusing and recent reports about the “waste crisis” have reduced the trust Aussies have in council kerbside recycling.

14 Nov 2019

7 Golden Rules of Kerbside Recycling

Recycling may seem complicated so follow these rules to help with the war on waste. And remember to reduce and reuse first. #1 LOOK FOR THE LABEL The Australasian Recycling Label is a proven system that tells you which bin each piece of packaging goes in.

16 Oct 2019

Strucket: the innovative household product that helps you reuse

When Kelly Lavery found herself constantly soaking onesies, bibs and items covered with bodily fluids from baby number three, little did she know that the experience would ultimately transform households across the country.

16 Oct 2019

Seasonal Gardening Tips for October

In October, we move into our fifth season here in SE QLD. ‘Sprummer’ is a highly changeable period during October/November, where we transition from spring into summer!

13 Sep 2019

Powering Queensland’s first community energy project

The first community energy project by a Queensland group is now up and running with a social enterprise in south Brisbane successfully powered by community-funded solar.

13 Sep 2019

Joanna’s love of the ocean drives sustainable jet ski business

Sustainability champion Joanna Kristoffersen spent much of her childhood living on a yacht off Mooloolaba so it’s no surprise that she has a strong affinity with the ocean.

05 Sep 2019

Seasonal Gardening Tips for September

This year, we had a wetter than normal June (which was very welcome!) but warmer than average temperatures during July - and a very short winter.

07 Aug 2019

Hundreds of hands plant 3000 native plants for National Tree Day

“We are definitely coming back again next year” was the phrase heard repeatedly at Sunshine Coast Council’s National Tree Day celebrations. Families from across the Sunshine Coast had a fun morning at the tree planting event, with 196 adults and 159 children contributing their efforts.

26 Jun 2019

Biophilic cities: where all living things flourish

The inaugural National Clean Technologies Conference was held on the Sunshine Coast in May 2019 bringing together clean technology innovators, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders from around the world.

02 May 2019

Why the Circular Economy is such a hot topic

Circular economy thinking is not new, leading think tank, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has been cheerleading CE principles to governments and industry for almost twenty years.

15 Apr 2019

The 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide is here!!!

For the past 7 years the Ethical Fashion Guide has grown to engage with 480 fashion brands to improve the lives of millions of vulnerable workers in the textiles industry globally.

12 Mar 2019

Locals making a difference beyond Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2019 is almost upon us. This stand against climate change has grown from relatively humble beginnings in Sydney in 2007, where 2.2 million people switched off their lights for one hour, to becoming the largest environmental movement on the globe.

06 Mar 2019

Make it a Plant Power Day today

No matter what choice of diet or way of eating you follow, there is one thing everyone can agree on: increasing our plants (fruits and veggies) is always a good thing.

27 Feb 2019

One year’s waste in a jar

Our population is growing at record levels, and so is our waste. According to Blue Environment’s 2018 National Waste Report, Australia produced 67 million tonnes of waste in 2016-17.

24 Feb 2019

Sunshine Coast plans to pick up for Clean Up Australia Day

With Clean Up Australia Day fast approaching, there are already 83 sites registered on the Sunshine Coast for the nation-wide event on Sunday March 3.

20 Feb 2019

​Coke with no straws attached

Coca-Cola Amatil Australia has heard the community message loud and clear and have announced it will no longer distribute plastic drinking straws or stirrers in Australia.

08 Feb 2019

More than one tonne of marine debris from Clean Up for the Hatchlings

Turtle hatchlings across the Sunshine Coast have started to emerge from their nests and make their way to the ocean. To help support these beautiful creatures, more than 700 community members came out to the annual Clean Up for the Hatchlings event on Saturday February 2 held at beaches across the coast.

06 Feb 2019

World Pizza Day is here!

That’s right, there is a World Pizza Day! Have I answered all your prayers and dreams at once? I thought as much. Pizza is that soul food that pretty much everyone loves.

01 Feb 2019

New Years Resolutions Don't Work

How are your New Year’s Resolutions tracking? Hands up if you set a New Years Resolution for 2019? Keep your hand up if you’ve already lost momentum or you realise it’s quickly taken a back seat?

17 Jan 2019

Boredom be gone! Creative holiday activities for kids

“I’m bored, Mum.” “What can we do now, Dad?” Sigh. It’s a couple of weeks (or days) into the school holidays and the kids are looking to you for inspiration and fun stuff to do.

15 Jan 2019

Low-tox, eco-friendly furniture and furnishings for the home

Many of these items contain toxic chemicals that can reduce indoor air quality and negatively affect our wellbeing. When it comes to selecting furniture and furnishings, understanding the nasties that can be used in the manufacturing process and being aware of the eco-friendly options available can help ensure you select greener, non-toxic products for your home.

22 Dec 2018

Plastic Free Christmas

Are you looking for some fun holiday activities for the kids that tap into their creative abilities? Why not create a few DIY projects to keep them busy?

16 Dec 2018

Rising and resisting: harnessing the power of the positive for change

There’s a new grassroots activism emerging from deep within our communities - where knowledge is openly shared, creative strategies for change are hatched and movements unite for a common purpose.

28 Nov 2018

Reduce waste with your renovations

Thinking of renovating your home?Have you considered the amount (and cost) of waste this exercise will produce?When we plan ahead, we can reduce waste in any project we work on, so why should home renovations be any different?

20 Nov 2018

Lower your household electricity costs

The rising cost of electricity is in the news almost every day. But how much control can we have over our power bills?After we’ve shopped around for the lowest rates, what other low cost ways can we achieve lower electricity costs.

15 Oct 2018

What is good design and how can it be applied in a school environment?

There are many factors which contribute to positive education outcomes in a school environment. Purposeful design of campuses, buildings, social spaces and classrooms can facilitate deeper learning, greater social connectivity and a more discernible connection between the culture of a school and its architecture.

15 Oct 2018

The benefits and outcomes of good design for schools

There are many factors which contribute to positive education outcomes in a school environment. Purposeful design of campuses, buildings, social spaces and classrooms can facilitate deeper learning, greater social connectivity and a more discernible connection between the culture of a school and its architecture.

15 Oct 2018

Queensland verandah inspires lifetime of architectural practise

The Queensland verandah is recognised as one of the original icons of quintessential Australian living. The timeless appeal of this shaded outdoor living space is the unlikely inspiration for a lifetime of work by celebrated architect Professor Kerry Clare.

12 Oct 2018

Palmwoods café leads the way in hospitality waste reduction

A Sunshine Coast café has embarked on its own war on waste, cutting the amount of waste it sends to landfill to just one cupful per day.

17 Sep 2018

What is sustainable surfing and why should you get on board?

There’s no doubt that surfing is one of the most popular leisure activities in south-east Queensland. With our mild winters, superb beaches and fine selection of breaks, why wouldn’t it be?

07 Sep 2018

Your go-to guide for buying bulk food and household products on the Sunshine Coast

There are loads of places across the coast where you can self-serve bulk foods, bringing your own reusable containers or using paper bags or reusable glass containers supplied.

18 Aug 2018

Schools War on Waste Film Competition

Sunshine Coast Council is calling all young aspiring Sunshine Coast, film-makers and environmentalists to submit a short 2 minute film featuring their School’s War on Waste.

14 Aug 2018

Join the War on Waste Sunshine Coast Facebook community

As the war on waste gains momentum, communities of passionate people are popping up on social media to discuss solutions and share ideas. On the sunny coast, a Facebook group called War On Waste - Sunshine Coast has clocked up 350 members with more joining every day.

08 Aug 2018

Whole food, plant-based diets for health & wellbeing

With so many fad lifestyle programs and diets filling our social media feeds, finding a practical approach that is healthy, nourishing and improves vitality can be challenging.

25 Jul 2018

The Slow Clothing way to manage your wardrobe

Jane Milburn is a sustainability consultant and founder of Textile Beat. She upcycled a career in agricultural science and communications to champion Slow Clothing as a creative and ethical way of dressing that engages hands, head and heart.

25 Jul 2018

The Slow Clothing Manifesto: 10 actions for being more conscious of what we wear

Jane Milburn is a sustainability consultant and founder of Textile Beat. She upcycled a career in agricultural science and communications to champion Slow Clothing as a creative and ethical way of dressing that engages hands, head and heart.

23 Jul 2018

Sustainable business practices boost SME success

Australian SMEs are set to benefit from customers demanding more than just a place to shop, with around three quarters (73 per cent) of shoppers actively seeking out businesses that offer sustainable products and services.

16 Jul 2018

The Last Straw: straw responsible venues on the Sunshine Coast

As awareness grows about the disastrous effects plastic straws have on our environment, more venues that serve drinks are considering reducing or eliminating single-use plastic straws from their beverage services.

05 Jul 2018

To straw or not to straw? And the best reusable straw options

(For a crash course in why straws are bad for the planet, check out this video of a sea turtle with a straw stuck up its nose.

05 Jul 2018

How to remember your reusable shopping bags

The single-use plastic bag ban is here and it’s now illegal for retailers in Queensland to supply customers with singlet-style plastic bags for purchases.

02 Jul 2018

It’s a wrap! Beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap

Beeswax wraps are a great option to include in your mix of solutions to avoid cling wrap or other single use packaging. Swapping out single-use plastic wrap is easy with these natural wraps that are hygienic and look beautiful in your fridge or on a table.

08 Jun 2018

Sunshine Coast kids stepped up to the challenge to get active to get to school

National Walk Safely to School Day (NWSTSD) was held on Friday 18 May 2018. Now in its 19th year, the purpose of the event is to celebrate active travel as part of the school day and encourage those students who haven’t walked to school before to give it a go and experience the benefits.

29 May 2018

Op shop styling hacks with Emma Willmann

Personal stylist, sustainable fashion advocate and queen of the capsule wardrobe, Emma Willmann, knows the power of clothes. A former criminal prosecutor turned image consultant, Emma launched Statement Styling to help women find their authentic style and become the best version of themselves.

28 May 2018

What kind of composter are you?

Composting creates nutrient-rich soil conditioner that provides nutrition for plants, flowers and vegetables and is a fascinating way for kids to learn about the life cycle of plants, soils and different types of waste.

28 May 2018

Nana’s Rice Pudding

Serves 4 Ingredients 2¾ cups full-cream milk 1 tsp. vanilla extract ½ cup short grain rice ¼ cup sugar Method Place the milk in a large saucepan over medium-low heat.

23 May 2018

Leftover Banana Ice Cream

by Janene Inigo Ingredients Banana And your choice of: Vanilla Cacao or peanut butter (or a combination of the above) A pinch of salt Method

23 May 2018

Banana and Date Loaf

by Simone Bright Ingredients 1-2 over-ripe bananas 1 teaspoon bicarb soda Dash of nutmeg and ground cinnamon 1 cup pitted dates ½ cup brown sugar ¾ cup orange juice 60g butter - melted 1 egg 2 cups self raising flour (or try using almond meal with baking powder).

21 May 2018

Your creek, your river, your voice

Calling all South East Queensland residents, We’d love to know how much you value and use your local waterways. Take part in our anonymous 10-minute survey and you’ll be in the running for one of ten $100 Coles Myer Gift Cards.

19 Apr 2018

The questions you should ask your project builder

Project homes can be an ideal way of achieving a more affordable home, as they are designed and built to a formula that reduces risk and allows for economies of scale for the tradespeople, construction systems and materials.

16 Apr 2018

White roofs – the best idea you’ve probably never heard of

Have you ever noticed how much hotter the black asphalt on a road is, compared to the white lines painted on it - or a light coloured concrete path nearby?

06 Apr 2018

Questions to ask before getting solar PV installed

Solar PV prices having rapidly fallen over recent years, whilst energy prices seem to keep increasing. Having a solar system installed on your roof can be a smart investment.

04 Apr 2018

Beyond green…..5 other reasons to build a sustainable home

In fact, a sustainable home may not cost you any extra if you design features in right from the start - and it may even cost you less by making some clever design decisions and reducing excess space.

04 Apr 2018

Before you begin – assessing your needs and preferences for your new home

Whether you are building or buying, spending some time to really think through the way that you will use your home now and into the future can save you a lot of time and money, and will make sure that your new home is the right fit for you.

22 Mar 2018

Spag bol number one in favourite meal survey

It will come as no surprise to pasta lovers that the family favourite, spaghetti bolognaise, was the most popular home-cooked meal for residents in the Redland area in a recent study.

22 Mar 2018

Our most wasted food products

A survey conducted by Social Marketing @ Griffith University for Redland City Council, aimed to explore the food-related habits of residents, inviting participants to audit their fridges and list the foods they most often throw out.

16 Mar 2018

PASTA – A HERO Leftover Dish

Pasta is an absolute hero dish when it comes to using up leftovers! Think of all those fibre-filled veggies and beans, heart healthy fish and monounsaturated oils, antioxidant-rich tomato sauces and protein-packed cheeses, poultry and lean meats.

12 Feb 2018

Rethinking your hair care products

As we embrace healthier lifestyles and become more conscious of chemicals in our foods and environment, it’s important to also consider what we are putting into our bodies through our skin and hair.

09 Jan 2018

Practical mindfulness

Too busy to sit and meditate? Can’t possibly juggle family and work responsibilities and that yoga class you’re wanting to attend? We get it.

19 Dec 2017

Top 10 Summer power saving tips

With household power prices continuing to soar, save power and help prevent power bill shock with these tips. Close windows, curtains and blinds during the day.

19 Dec 2017

Three tips to reduce food waste with OzHarvest

OzHarvest Sunshine Coast has rescued over 100 tonnes of excess food from landfill since 2014. Coordinator Michele Lipner is passionate about tackling food waste, regularly attending markets and events to talk to community members about healthy eating, nutrition and minimising food waste at home.

19 Dec 2017

Bags that keep on giving

Across the country and throughout the world, thousands of people are turning to sewing to bring about change. Using fabric from upcycled quilt covers, coffee sacks and feedbags, these new age artisans are crafting bags that provide a unique alternative to less planet-friendly options.

06 Dec 2017

Pea and ham croquettes with fiery aioli

Credit: Ben Dearnley Turn leftover Christmas ham into delicious finger food for breakfast, lunch or tapas with these tasty croquettes. **Prep Time: **15 mins ** Cook Time: **30 mins ** Ingredients: **11 ** Difficulty: **Easy ** **

01 Dec 2017

Tips for choosing or changing electricity retailer

How to shop around Customers in South East Queensland are able to choose their electricity retailer. This means you can shop around for an electricity retail offer that suits your household or small business.

01 Dec 2017


Leftover Sunday Roast - rehash your roast into these delicious fritters! RECIPE: www.ozharvest.org/wasty-recipes-by-ozharvest/

30 Nov 2017

The War on Waste Survey Results are in ...

The War on Waste survey has been completed by 36,722 Australians, making it the largest study of its kind on waste in Australia. Some great stats and facts here for your interest (PDF)

30 Nov 2017

National Food Waste Strategy

The Australian Government launched their ambitious strategy in November 2017, have embarked to halve Australia’s food waste by 2030 Here is the report (PDF attached) or for more background info visit the website

29 Nov 2017

Unwind and recharge in nature with these short walks

There’s nothing like immersing yourself in nature to disconnect, unwind and recharge the batteries. Getting out of town and into a park is a great way to exercise, spend time with the family, and switch off from technology for a couple of hours.

08 Nov 2017

What to keep out of your recycling bin

Using kerbside recycling bins to recycle household items reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfill. However, contamination of the recycling remains one of the biggest challenges for Council kerbside collection programs.

08 Nov 2017

Seasonal Planting for kitchen gardens - with Anne Gibson

Living Smart speaks with The Micro Gardener, Anne Gibson on gardening for the seasons in our region. How would you describe our south-east Queensland climate?

08 Nov 2017

Reduce waste with Spare Harvest

The inspiration to bring about change can come from unusual places. For Helen Andrew, a surplus of mandarins that no one else wanted was the motivation for starting an online community aimed at creating connection and reducing waste.

08 Nov 2017

Plastic bag ban: what it means for you

The state-wide ban applies to all retailers including supermarkets, take away food outlets, restaurants, pharmacies, butchers and convenience stores. The ban covers singlet style plastic bags less than 35 microns thick including compostable, degradable and biodegradable bags.

08 Nov 2017

Love Your Leftovers with 4 ingredients

Millions of people around the world follow Kim McCosker’s recipes every day, turning to her 4 Ingredientscookbooks for simple, family-friendly meals and treats that don’t break the bank.

08 Nov 2017

Banana Bix-Shake recipe from 4 Ingredients

Here’s a breakfast treat the kids will love from Kim McCosker of 4 Ingredients. It’s the perfect way to Love Your Leftovers and use up any excess bananas.

02 May 2017

Your Home. Australia's guide to sustainable homes

Your Home is Australia’s most comprehensive guide to environmentally sustainable homes. Your Home continues a long-standing effort by the Australian Government, in partnership with the building and design industry, to give comprehensive, expert and independent advice to everyone interested in building homes for a sustainable future.

02 May 2017

The most energy sucking appliances in your home?

. One thing you can look at immediately is the energy efficiency of the appliances you use regularly, and whether they are the main culprits or not.

02 May 2017

Live with less around you: an introduction to Minimalism

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home? Then the Minimalism lifestyle movement may be for you. Guest blogget Nicole Lutz explains.

02 May 2017

Green granny flats and studios: 10 of the best

As cities sprawl and become less affordable for many residents, the suburbs are seeing the rise of self-contained studios and granny flats. We look at the changing regulations controlling these small ‘secondary dwellings’ and feature 10 sustainable designs that are striking the right balance between urban infill, amenity and precious urban vegetation.

02 May 2017

33 Things to do before you're 3!

99 Things To Do Before You’re 3 is Nature Play QLD’s outdoor play solution for infants and toddlers, aged 0 to 3 years. The information on this page has since been developed into an App called GROW with Nature Play.

21 Mar 2017

How to manage food waste at home

Great article from our friends at Live for Less As this excellent graphic by Foodwise shows, continuing to let our food waste end up in landfill is not a very good idea.

16 Mar 2017

My Simplicious food waste cheat sheet for trolls (Sarah Wilson)

It would seem my latest book, I Quit Sugar: SIMPLICIOUS, is a little contentious. The fact I advocate doggie bags, double dunk my teabags, and cook up my friends' fish bones into stock apparently leaves some a little uncomfortable.

16 Mar 2017

Living with the Tesla Powerwall for a year: the first Australian case study

Savings in excess of 90% have been reported by the first Australian to install a Tesla Powerwall after a year of living with the solar system.

27 Aug 2016

Battle of the Coffee Cups

Half of the plastic produced globally goes into products that are used only once, which creates a staggering amount of waste. This is one reason why we don’t use disposable cups at home.

26 Aug 2016

Switch off and save: The appliances that eat into your energy bill

You€Ûªre taking positive steps to reduce your energy use by turning down the heater or air conditioner, but did you know that a number of household appliances are busy using electricity even when they€Ûªre on standby mode?

26 Aug 2016

How to teach your children to use less energy

Most kids love learning new things and relish the opportunity to be helpful around the house. When you explain the importance of saving energy, they’ll be more than happy to do their bit.

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