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12 Oct 2020


Guided Aura Social Ride Join us on a cruisy pathway ride of Aura’s incredible cycling infrastructure. This ride is aimed at riders who would like to learn about pathway etiquette and meet some new people whilst experiencing some new pathway routes.

29 Sep 2020

Virtual Cleantech Conference & Exhibition is happening 24 - 26 November 2020

VCTCE2020 will deliver connections via networking opportunities, interactions with speakers and other attendees as well as face-to-face meetings with exhibitors. To fit in with our attendee’s busy schedule and based on their feedback, we’ve structured the conference to run over 3 x half days allowing them to grow their business while building their industry network.

14 Sep 2020

FABRIC Slow Fashion Artful Living Program

We shine a light on ethically focussed practise, inspired design and resourceful living. This year’s offer includes exhibitions, small bespoke workshops in line with current covid safe regulations, professional development, digital ‘make, fix, and create’ sessions as well as mindful lifestyle podcasts and blogs.

14 Sep 2020

Kids’ Program: Worm Lasagne and Magic Potion

Our Worm Lasagne method is energy efficient, blocks weeds and generates healthy organic produce. Then we will mix up a batch of “Magic Potion” that will enchant your soil with E.

28 Aug 2020

The Big Bike Film Night 2020 - Nambour/ Sunshine Coast

Showcasing their 2020 collection that has everything a cycle-centric audience could want - action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration; the evening is unashamedly and utterly designed and devised for the two wheel devotee!

22 Jul 2020

Doonan Open Data Expo & National Tree Day

Come along on August 2 or 3 to plant a tree for National Tree Day and learn how science, technology and culture helps us care for nature at the Doonan Open Data Expo.

17 Jul 2020

Annual Humpback Whale Migration – East Coast Australia

During their annual migration of up to 10 000 kilometres, humpbacks can easily be seen off the coast of New South Wales and Queensland.

07 Jul 2020

Make your own cutlery keepers with Gretchen Keelty

Gretchen Keelty shows you how to make your own bespoke and practical cutlery wrap so you have your own stylish and practical way to keep your BYO cutlery with you on the go.

24 Apr 2020

Fashion Revolution Week 2020

This is the week, traditionally, when we pause to remember the 1,138 fast fashion workers who tragically lost their lives, with many more who were injured, at the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh on 24th April 2013.

17 Apr 2020

5 Easy Ways To Ease Anxiety with Food Matters

Anxiety, panic and overwhelm are emotions that have become all-too-familiar within our modern society. The ever-increasing pressure of the world, with a growing mental health epidemic, now thrust into the midst of a viral outbreak will have large-scale consequences for public health long after the lockdowns finish.

10 Jan 2020

Combining home solar, batteries and EVs will be better deal than solar alone by 2024

A new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis has found that by as early as 2024, it will be cheaper Australian households to invest in solar, storage and an electric vehicle in combination, than in a solar system alone.

22 Nov 2019

How to get the most out of your next Op Shop Clothing adventure

Whether you are new to op shopping for clothes or a regular, we thought we would share some useful tips from Emma Willmann, Statement Styling and Katie Roberts, Sustainability in Style who were facilitators for our recent fabric program Op Shop rambles in Maroochydore and Nambour.

15 Nov 2019

Could a co-housing development help you find your tribe?

Unsatisfied with the housing options served up by mainstream developers, a Sunshine Coast couple is exploring alternative responses to housing and whether there is sufficient interest in our community to explore co-housing or cooperative housing opportunities.

15 May 2019

Australian Wearable Art Festival

Runaway Art, part of the Sunshine Coast Council’s Horizon Festival, took place this August. Designed to bring together acclaimed fashion designers and wearable art masterpieces, it was also the platform to launch the much larger wearable art festival in May 2019.

18 Apr 2019

Celebrate People and Nature - Biosphere Nomination for the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Council is leading a nomination for the local government area to become a UNESCO Biosphere. A biosphere is a special place. It’s where responsible development and people living sustainably sits alongside active conservation - just like our region.

15 Apr 2019

The 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide is here!!!

For the past 7 years the Ethical Fashion Guide has grown to engage with 480 fashion brands to improve the lives of millions of vulnerable workers in the textiles industry globally.

12 Apr 2019

Coastal Hazard Adaption Strategy - Our Resilient Coast. Our Future

We’re commencing the journey to develop ‘Our Resilient Coast. Our Future.’, a long-term strategy to help manage the impacts of coastal hazards. Coastal hazards include erosion of our beaches, and short or long-term seawater inundation of land along the coastline.

26 Feb 2019

Compost – Turn Waste into ‘Black Gold’ for your Garden

One of the easiest ways to save money, reduce waste, grow a healthier garden and tread lighter on our beautiful planet is to make your own compost.

24 Feb 2019

Eating an ice cream cone can save a turtle!

Eating an ice cream cone can save a turtle! Who would have thought that choosing to eat an ice cream cone could save a turtle?

08 Feb 2019

More than one tonne of marine debris from Clean Up for the Hatchlings

Turtle hatchlings across the Sunshine Coast have started to emerge from their nests and make their way to the ocean. To help support these beautiful creatures, more than 700 community members came out to the annual Clean Up for the Hatchlings event on Saturday February 2 held at beaches across the coast.

17 Sep 2018

What is sustainable surfing and why should you get on board?

There’s no doubt that surfing is one of the most popular leisure activities in south-east Queensland. With our mild winters, superb beaches and fine selection of breaks, why wouldn’t it be?

06 Sep 2018

Get your fashion fix from Another Woman’s Closet - the Coast’s lively preloved clothing market

Sex and the City meets a girl’s night out is a fitting description of the vibe at the Sunshine Coast’s dynamic, preloved clothing market, Another Woman’s Closet.

18 Aug 2018

Schools War on Waste Film Competition

Sunshine Coast Council is calling all young aspiring Sunshine Coast, film-makers and environmentalists to submit a short 2 minute film featuring their School’s War on Waste.

02 Aug 2018

Find your reusable cup style with one of these handmade beauties

In our fast-paced world, there’s something indulgent about drinking coffee or tea from a real ceramic cup, an experience which many reusable coffee cups don’t quite capture.

25 Jul 2018

The Slow Clothing way to manage your wardrobe

Jane Milburn is a sustainability consultant and founder of Textile Beat. She upcycled a career in agricultural science and communications to champion Slow Clothing as a creative and ethical way of dressing that engages hands, head and heart.

25 Jul 2018

The Slow Clothing Manifesto: 10 actions for being more conscious of what we wear

Jane Milburn is a sustainability consultant and founder of Textile Beat. She upcycled a career in agricultural science and communications to champion Slow Clothing as a creative and ethical way of dressing that engages hands, head and heart.

08 Jun 2018

Sunshine Coast kids stepped up to the challenge to get active to get to school

National Walk Safely to School Day (NWSTSD) was held on Friday 18 May 2018. Now in its 19th year, the purpose of the event is to celebrate active travel as part of the school day and encourage those students who haven’t walked to school before to give it a go and experience the benefits.

29 May 2018

Op shop styling hacks with Emma Willmann

Personal stylist, sustainable fashion advocate and queen of the capsule wardrobe, Emma Willmann, knows the power of clothes. A former criminal prosecutor turned image consultant, Emma launched Statement Styling to help women find their authentic style and become the best version of themselves.

29 May 2018

Get op shop savvy with Emma Willmann

Personal stylist, sustainable fashion advocate and queen of the capsule wardrobe, Emma Willmann, knows the power of clothes. A former criminal prosecutor turned image consultant, Emma launched Statement Styling to help women find their authentic style and become the best version of themselves.

21 May 2018

Your creek, your river, your voice

Calling all South East Queensland residents, We’d love to know how much you value and use your local waterways. Take part in our anonymous 10-minute survey and you’ll be in the running for one of ten $100 Coles Myer Gift Cards.

21 May 2018

108 dresses: the label of love empowering women in India

Imagine if you could use your talent to create something beautiful and at the same time empower other women to lead more fulfilling lives. Andi Vendy is doing just that with her ethical fashion label 108 Dresses, which provides employment and upskilling opportunities for women and single mothers in India.

14 May 2018

How to introduce your child to craft

Google “craft for kids” and you’ll find thousands of ideas to get you started including painting, drawing, sewing, needlework, pottery, paper crafts and card making.

25 Apr 2018

Changing lives with the clothes we buy

Living Smart speaks with Alice Jones, co-founder of ethical, Fair Trade clothing company, Sinerji, on getting started in ethical fashion, the impacts of the fashion industry on people and the environment, and how to dig deeper to find out more about the clothes we buy.

22 Mar 2018

Choosing the right fertiliser for native plants

It is generally understood that the addition of organic matter (mulch or compost) to the garden is for the improvement of soil health, which in turn improves plant health.

22 Mar 2018

5 ways to engage your child in nature play

Nature is more than just a faraway national park. So much can be discovered be getting outside and into your local bushland, park or forest.

28 Feb 2018

Discover hidden gems in Redlands reserves

The wondrous diversity of the Redlands is ripe for exploration. Whether you’re out for a short walk in nature, or a more adventurous day trip, the region boasts large tracts of bushland and islands with distinctive places that are relatively unknown.

09 Jan 2018

Practical mindfulness

Too busy to sit and meditate? Can’t possibly juggle family and work responsibilities and that yoga class you’re wanting to attend? We get it.

29 Nov 2017

Unwind and recharge in nature with these short walks

There’s nothing like immersing yourself in nature to disconnect, unwind and recharge the batteries. Getting out of town and into a park is a great way to exercise, spend time with the family, and switch off from technology for a couple of hours.

02 May 2017

Camping with a conscience: tips for more sustainable family holidays

Great article from our friends at http://liveforless.com.au (image: Liveforless.com.au) Camping is a great way to spend time together outdoors as a family. It’s also a relatively cheap and sustainable way to holiday.

02 May 2017

33 Things to do before you're 3!

99 Things To Do Before You’re 3 is Nature Play QLD’s outdoor play solution for infants and toddlers, aged 0 to 3 years. The information on this page has since been developed into an App called GROW with Nature Play.

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