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01 Jul 2020

Love your Leftovers

No one like to see good food go to waste. Get inspired. Transform leftovers into quick and tasty meals. Learn simple and fun ways to make the most of your shopping budget.

28 May 2020

Daily bread: the local artisan bakers nourishing us from the inside

Recent discoveries indicate First Nations Australians were turning seeds into flour for breadmaking over 36,000 years ago. The origins of leavened bread (using a raising agent) are uncertain but it is thought that sourdough, one of the oldest forms of leavened bread, dates back to the Middle East around 8000 BC!

24 Apr 2020

Free Love your Leftovers recipe eBook

Leftovers can be turned into quick and tasty meals and are a great way to make the most of your shopping budget. No one like to see good food go to waste These recipes have been shared by Sunshine Coast households and by the fabulous team at 4 Ingredients.

07 Aug 2019

3 steps to creating better, greener events

Are you new to events or an experienced event manager looking to plan a sustainable event? At Living Smart we share a lot of events for people to attend, so thought we would take the opportunity to share these handy resources for the people who organise them.

27 Feb 2018

A Dozen Tomatoes and Thyme Soup

Serves 4 * 12 Roma tomatoes, halved lengthways * 2 tbsp. EVOO * Thyme from 6 sprigs * 1 litre vegetable stock Preheat oven 180C.

19 Dec 2017

Three tips to reduce food waste with OzHarvest

OzHarvest Sunshine Coast has rescued over 100 tonnes of excess food from landfill since 2014. Coordinator Michele Lipner is passionate about tackling food waste, regularly attending markets and events to talk to community members about healthy eating, nutrition and minimising food waste at home.

01 Dec 2017

Tips for choosing or changing electricity retailer

How to shop around Customers in South East Queensland are able to choose their electricity retailer. This means you can shop around for an electricity retail offer that suits your household or small business.

16 Mar 2017

15 (more) clever ways to use your leftovers (Sarah Wilson)

I’ve also asked a few foodie friends to contribute, including Curtis Stone whose latest book What’s For Dinner is really very, very clever. Martyna Candrick is a recipe developer and photographer in our orbit.

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