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13 Sep 2021

Sustainable House Day

beginning on 21 September, as well as a program of free online events on 17th October. You can view our full program on our website now.

07 Jul 2021

Cook Along with the @ZeroWasteChef for Plastic Free July

After registering, you’ll receive an email with a list of ingredients for the event if you’d like to cook with us. If you prefer to watch and not cook, that’s fine also.

28 May 2021

Speed date a sustainability expert

When: June 19th, 2021, 2pm-5pm (AEST) Where: Online (Zoom link provided upon booking) Sponsored by: Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)

06 May 2021

15 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

“…and this is all the plastic shit I found in my house” Image: Plastic Planet Documentary (2009) We brush our teeth with it, eat and drink from it and even wear it: from the moment we wake up until we go to bed, plastic is all around us.

22 Apr 2021

How to have a fashion revolution at home

Have you ever wondered where your clothes were made? Or who might have made them? Sometimes it’s hard to picture the kind of conditions our clothes were made in when they’re presented as pretty items in store and online, but unfortunately the fashion industry has an ugly side.

07 Apr 2021

Is your plastic food packaging recyclable?

It can also be challenging to figure out which items can be recycled. A recent WWF study found that of 82 common packaged products, only 20% were recyclable at home.

17 Feb 2021

An eclectic ‘second-hand house’ in the Sunshine Coast hinterland

Concerned about the disastrous effects a “throwaway society” has on the environment and humanity, they built a “second-hand house”, where all materials and furnishings were recycled, from the biggest of walls to the smallest of light fittings.

22 Dec 2020

Love your Leftovers tips for less waste this Christmas

Love your Leftovers Veggies = Frittata Bundle those leftover roasted veggies into a frittata by adding some eggs and cream. Use up all those leftover herbs and add a couple of tasty items such as capers or anchovies, olive oil and lemon juice to make a sparkling salsa verde to add zing to your frittata.

22 Dec 2020

Christmas Settings - Paper Chains

Christmas decorations can be as easy as stapling pretty-coloured paper into chains. This is a great activity to do with your family and stored properly, will last for years.

22 Dec 2020

Christmas settings - Table Decorations

Martin and Kim encourage us to break out the old family favourite tableware or buy some bling from the local op shop. This is an opportunity to let your kids’ creativity shine in front of the whole family.

02 Dec 2020

Nothing new for Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is also the time of the greatest waste. Food goes uneaten, wrapping goes to landfill, unwanted gifts end up at charity.

29 Sep 2020

Virtual Cleantech Conference & Exhibition is happening 24 - 26 November 2020

The three day program will focus on the opportunities for the Cleantech industry as an instigator of innovation, economic development, creative collaborations and inclusive prosperity.

25 Sep 2020

Speed Date one of Australia’s leading Sustainable Architects - for FREE

Attendees have the opportunity to meet with 2 architects who are experts in environmentally sustainable design, for 20 minutes each on Monday 5 October between 3-5:30pm .

15 Sep 2020

Connect and Share with Spare Harvest

Moving to the Sunshine Coast several years ago, Helen wanted her family to experience the same connection to food that she did growing up, so they bought acreage where the family could grow their own produce.

23 Jul 2020

Sourdough - Fermented Foods Friday

Join the local fermenting legend Elisabeth Fekonia, accredited permaculture teacher from Permaculture Realfood, Friday 24 July, 10am to learn how to make fermented sourdough. Be sure to schedule it in the diary and pre-prep your ingredients.

29 Jun 2020

Amy’s zero waste mission

After reading Bea Johnson’s book Zero Waste Home Amy was determined to reduce the amount of landfill her family generated with a focus on plastic use.

29 Jun 2020

4 ways to line your bin - plastic free

Now, how to line a garbage bin at home has become a hot topic of conversation…and a source of confusion. Sure, you could use the fifteen cent heavy-duty bags from the supermarket but that would defeat the purpose of trying to reduce single-use plastics.

29 Jun 2020

14 tips for reducing plastic use in the kitchen

We recommend starting in the kitchen as it’s generally the place where our plastic-using habits are most prolific. It’s also where most plastic is brought in from outside the home.

09 Jun 2020

The rise of sourdough at home: Sunny Coast bakers share their journeys and tips

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked sourdough bread…the irresistible, comforting aroma that that evokes a sense of the simple life. With many of us having extra time at home time on our hands, due to Covid-19, more people have been discovering the soothing ritual of sourdough breadmaking.

31 May 2020

Resetting your kitchen to reduce waste and plastic

Living Smart hosted a series of workshops for Plastic Free July, designed to cut through the information overload and make waste and plastic reduction achievable for everyone.

28 May 2020

Daily bread: the local artisan bakers nourishing us from the inside

Recent discoveries indicate First Nations Australians were turning seeds into flour for breadmaking over 36,000 years ago. The origins of leavened bread (using a raising agent) are uncertain but it is thought that sourdough, one of the oldest forms of leavened bread, dates back to the Middle East around 8000 BC!

07 May 2020

DIY at Home

Repairs and repurposing Identify what needs to be done and determine if you can do it yourself (or if it is a job for the professionals - like electrical or plumbing work).

06 May 2020

Keeping backyard chickens

With self-sufficiency becoming the new norm, it’s no surprise that chickens are popping up in backyards everywhere. Keeping chickens has many benefits and done properly will reward you and your garden for years to come.

27 Apr 2020

Robyn Cook: people, passion and random stuff

If you’ve been following Robyn’s hilarious Facebook live “Random shit in my house” videos during lockdown, you’ll know she has a keen interest in the wild and weird things that people have in their homes.

24 Apr 2020

ARISING from Disruption

ARISING from Disruption is a series of interviews with thoughtful, creative and entrepreneurial people stepping up and talking about how they are coping, adapting and thriving despite the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

23 Apr 2020

Embracing change through what we wear

The fashion industry is responsible for up to 10 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Watch this video for three ways you can reduce your fashion footprint and still dress to impress.

23 Apr 2020

Creative online Fun for Kids

The Horizon Festival has curated some great creative online home activities for kids KINDY + PRE-SCHOOL Zdoodle Drawing App A simple, no-nonsense drawing app for iOS, perfect for entertaining little humans.

17 Apr 2020

5 Easy Ways To Ease Anxiety with Food Matters

Anxiety, panic and overwhelm are emotions that have become all-too-familiar within our modern society. The ever-increasing pressure of the world, with a growing mental health epidemic, now thrust into the midst of a viral outbreak will have large-scale consequences for public health long after the lockdowns finish.

31 Mar 2020

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) support for business

If there is a COVID-19 transmission in the workplaces contact your local public health service or phone 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) at any time.

28 Mar 2020

Headspace, Mindfulness for your everyday life

Headspace are offering free meditations, sleep, and movement exercises to help you out in your time of isolation. You can listen to these anytime, anywhere to help you feel calm and grounded in these uncertain times.

28 Mar 2020

B-WELL & PROSPER: An online space to discover Wellbeing & Mental Health tools, resources, programs

Our content is simple, engaging and provides you with real, practical and inspiring information. Signing up to the B-Well + Prosper Hub gives you access to all of this content + more!

27 Mar 2020


These times of the Covid-19 pandemic can be tough for parents with school-aged children at home (not to mention for children with their parents always around!

26 Mar 2020

Thousands of free online resources at Sunshine Coast Libraries

Spending a lot of time at home? Struggling to keep the kids amused? The Sunshine Coast Libraries website has thousands of entertainment and educational resources that can be accessed online - for free!

25 Mar 2020

Viral kindness: the acts of generosity bringing our community together

Tough times can often bring out the best in a community and the coronavirus crisis is no exception. Across the Sunshine Coast, acts of generosity and kindness are bringing people together as we learn to adapt to a completely different way of life.

25 Mar 2020

At Home in My Neighbourhood #CovidKindness

The threat of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is impacting lives worldwide, social distancing and self-isolation will be a challenge for many people with feelings of loneliness having a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

16 Mar 2020

Do natural hand sanitisers work? Can you make your own?

With the outbreak of the serious virus COVID-19, known as coronavirus, we are naturally concerned about whether natural hand sanitisers will be as effective as synthetic chemicals.

17 Jan 2020

9 Reasons to Eat More Plant-Based Foods in 2020

From cafes to celebrities, it seems everyone is jumping on board the plant-based food train and for very good reason. Whether you want to reduce the level of meat in your diet or go vegan, there are many benefits for having more plants and less meat for your health, the environment, animals and society as a whole.

16 Jan 2020

Ethical and sustainable activewear to keep you moving

From the gym to Pilates to school drop-offs and coffee with friends, activewear is everywhere. Comfortable, relaxed and the perfect accessory to a laidback Queensland lifestyle, our obsession with taking gym wear to the streets shows no sign of slowing.

15 Nov 2019

Designing for multigenerational living

Multigenerational housing has the potential to offer creative solutions to some of the social and environmental challenges of our time. A panel of experienced and emerging architects, along with community members with lived experience discussed the role multigenerational housing could play in shaping our communities of the future at the recent Sunshine Coast Open House forum held at the Innovation Centre.

14 Nov 2019

7 Golden Rules of Kerbside Recycling

Recycling may seem complicated so follow these rules to help with the war on waste. And remember to reduce and reuse first. #1 LOOK FOR THE LABEL The Australasian Recycling Label is a proven system that tells you which bin each piece of packaging goes in.

16 Oct 2019

Strucket: the innovative household product that helps you reuse

When Kelly Lavery found herself constantly soaking onesies, bibs and items covered with bodily fluids from baby number three, little did she know that the experience would ultimately transform households across the country.

13 Sep 2019

Joanna’s love of the ocean drives sustainable jet ski business

Sustainability champion Joanna Kristoffersen spent much of her childhood living on a yacht off Mooloolaba so it’s no surprise that she has a strong affinity with the ocean.

26 Jun 2019

Heidi Middleton is redefining what a small, ethical fashion business looks like

Channelling her passion for art, fashion and sustainability, Heidi Middleton is redefining what a small, ethical creative fashion business can look like today. Heidi’s latest project, ArtClub was born from a desire to make things of beauty, with purpose and meaning.

18 Apr 2019

Celebrate People and Nature - Biosphere Nomination for the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Council is leading a nomination for the local government area to become a UNESCO Biosphere. A biosphere is a special place. It’s where responsible development and people living sustainably sits alongside active conservation - just like our region.

01 Feb 2019

New Years Resolutions Don't Work

How are your New Year’s Resolutions tracking? Hands up if you set a New Years Resolution for 2019? Keep your hand up if you’ve already lost momentum or you realise it’s quickly taken a back seat?

17 Jan 2019

Boredom be gone! Creative holiday activities for kids

“I’m bored, Mum.” “What can we do now, Dad?” Sigh. It’s a couple of weeks (or days) into the school holidays and the kids are looking to you for inspiration and fun stuff to do.

15 Jan 2019

Low-tox, eco-friendly furniture and furnishings for the home

Many of these items contain toxic chemicals that can reduce indoor air quality and negatively affect our wellbeing. When it comes to selecting furniture and furnishings, understanding the nasties that can be used in the manufacturing process and being aware of the eco-friendly options available can help ensure you select greener, non-toxic products for your home.

22 Dec 2018

Plastic Free Christmas

Are you looking for some fun holiday activities for the kids that tap into their creative abilities? Why not create a few DIY projects to keep them busy?

16 Dec 2018

Rising and resisting: harnessing the power of the positive for change

There’s a new grassroots activism emerging from deep within our communities - where knowledge is openly shared, creative strategies for change are hatched and movements unite for a common purpose.

28 Nov 2018

Reduce waste with your renovations

Thinking of renovating your home?Have you considered the amount (and cost) of waste this exercise will produce?When we plan ahead, we can reduce waste in any project we work on, so why should home renovations be any different?

15 Oct 2018

What is good design and how can it be applied in a school environment?

There are many factors which contribute to positive education outcomes in a school environment. Purposeful design of campuses, buildings, social spaces and classrooms can facilitate deeper learning, greater social connectivity and a more discernible connection between the culture of a school and its architecture.

15 Oct 2018

Queensland verandah inspires lifetime of architectural practise

The Queensland verandah is recognised as one of the original icons of quintessential Australian living. The timeless appeal of this shaded outdoor living space is the unlikely inspiration for a lifetime of work by celebrated architect Professor Kerry Clare.

04 Oct 2018

Creating a DIY miniature succulent garden

Succulent plants are everywhere right now. You’ll find these quirky, fun splashes of greenery adorning tables in cafe’s and bringing colour to interior and exterior spaces.

17 Sep 2018

What is sustainable surfing and why should you get on board?

There’s no doubt that surfing is one of the most popular leisure activities in south-east Queensland. With our mild winters, superb beaches and fine selection of breaks, why wouldn’t it be?

07 Sep 2018

Your go-to guide for buying bulk food and household products on the Sunshine Coast

There are loads of places across the coast where you can self-serve bulk foods, bringing your own reusable containers or using paper bags or reusable glass containers supplied.

30 Aug 2018

A minimalist approach to moving house

Moving house can be an exciting and stressful time. There’s so much to think about and organise. It’s also an excellent opportunity to ditch excess stuff that you have accumulated and no longer need or use.

14 Aug 2018

Join the War on Waste Sunshine Coast Facebook community

As the war on waste gains momentum, communities of passionate people are popping up on social media to discuss solutions and share ideas. On the sunny coast, a Facebook group called War On Waste - Sunshine Coast has clocked up 350 members with more joining every day.

08 Aug 2018

Whole food, plant-based diets for health & wellbeing

With so many fad lifestyle programs and diets filling our social media feeds, finding a practical approach that is healthy, nourishing and improves vitality can be challenging.

16 Jul 2018

The Last Straw: straw responsible venues on the Sunshine Coast

As awareness grows about the disastrous effects plastic straws have on our environment, more venues that serve drinks are considering reducing or eliminating single-use plastic straws from their beverage services.

05 Jul 2018

How to remember your reusable shopping bags

The single-use plastic bag ban is here and it’s now illegal for retailers in Queensland to supply customers with singlet-style plastic bags for purchases.

02 Jul 2018

It’s a wrap! Beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap

Beeswax wraps are a great option to include in your mix of solutions to avoid cling wrap or other single use packaging. Swapping out single-use plastic wrap is easy with these natural wraps that are hygienic and look beautiful in your fridge or on a table.

28 May 2018

What kind of composter are you?

Composting creates nutrient-rich soil conditioner that provides nutrition for plants, flowers and vegetables and is a fascinating way for kids to learn about the life cycle of plants, soils and different types of waste.

25 Apr 2018

Getting started with ethical fashion

It’s Fashion Revolution week, let’s talk….. There’s a certain sense of gratification about heading out shopping and coming back with a mini haul of new clothes.

25 Apr 2018

Changing lives with the clothes we buy

Living Smart speaks with Alice Jones, co-founder of ethical, Fair Trade clothing company, Sinerji, on getting started in ethical fashion, the impacts of the fashion industry on people and the environment, and how to dig deeper to find out more about the clothes we buy.

16 Apr 2018

5 features to look for when buying a new home

You probably have a list of the features you’re looking for in your new home - the number of bedrooms, size of the garden, whether it needs renovations or if it’s ready to move in.

06 Apr 2018

Green on the inside – the best pot plants for healthy air and a gorgeous interior

Indoor plants are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to transform your home, and generally require very little care or love to thrive.

04 Apr 2018

Beyond green…..5 other reasons to build a sustainable home

In fact, a sustainable home may not cost you any extra if you design features in right from the start - and it may even cost you less by making some clever design decisions and reducing excess space.

04 Apr 2018

Before you begin – assessing your needs and preferences for your new home

Whether you are building or buying, spending some time to really think through the way that you will use your home now and into the future can save you a lot of time and money, and will make sure that your new home is the right fit for you.

22 Mar 2018

Our most wasted food products

A survey conducted by Social Marketing @ Griffith University for Redland City Council, aimed to explore the food-related habits of residents, inviting participants to audit their fridges and list the foods they most often throw out.

22 Mar 2018

5 ways to engage your child in nature play

Nature is more than just a faraway national park. So much can be discovered be getting outside and into your local bushland, park or forest.

12 Feb 2018

Rethinking your hair care products

As we embrace healthier lifestyles and become more conscious of chemicals in our foods and environment, it’s important to also consider what we are putting into our bodies through our skin and hair.

12 Feb 2018

DIY Natural Cleaning

It only takes a walk down any supermarket cleaning aisle to comprehend the abundance of products for home cleaning. The underlying message from manufacturers of detergents, disinfectants, bleaches, crèmes, powders and pastes for household cleaning is that we need to use chemicals to keep our homes fresh, clean and hygienic.

09 Jan 2018

A buzz of insect activity helps your garden

If you watch a garden intently for long enough, you will notice a buzz of insect activity - in the air, on plants, in flowers, and within the soil.

05 Dec 2017

How to fight a festive war on waste at Christmas

The 12 DOs of Christmas are twelve simple positive actions that everyone can use to help fight the festive war on waste. From green gifts, food and tech waste tips to sustainable summer holiday renovations and decluttering we’ve got it covered!

29 Nov 2017

A day in the life of OzHarvest

OzHarvest groups across the country are waging their own “war on waste” by rescuing surplus fresh food that would otherwise end up in landfill and getting it into the hands of needy families.

08 Nov 2017

What to keep out of your recycling bin

Using kerbside recycling bins to recycle household items reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfill. However, contamination of the recycling remains one of the biggest challenges for Council kerbside collection programs.

08 Nov 2017

Reduce waste with Spare Harvest

The inspiration to bring about change can come from unusual places. For Helen Andrew, a surplus of mandarins that no one else wanted was the motivation for starting an online community aimed at creating connection and reducing waste.

08 Nov 2017

Plastic bag ban: what it means for you

The state-wide ban applies to all retailers including supermarkets, take away food outlets, restaurants, pharmacies, butchers and convenience stores. The ban covers singlet style plastic bags less than 35 microns thick including compostable, degradable and biodegradable bags.

08 Nov 2017

Five easy ways to recycle household items

The average Australian household produces approximately 1.5 tonnes of waste per year. Reducing the amount of waste your household sends to landfill is easy with these tips on recycling everyday items.

02 May 2017

Live with less around you: an introduction to Minimalism

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home? Then the Minimalism lifestyle movement may be for you. Guest blogget Nicole Lutz explains.

02 May 2017

DIY: Sustainable Day Spa

There’s nothing like a pamper session to set your zen to ten. The sounds, the scents, the special stuff they apply to your skin to make it feel extra smooth, soft, and supple - you wish you could do it yourself at home.

02 May 2017

50 working mum hacks to make life easier

Are you a working mum with too little time on your hands? These life hacks and tips will help you organise your life and home so things run more smoothly.

21 Mar 2017

How to manage food waste at home

Great article from our friends at Live for Less As this excellent graphic by Foodwise shows, continuing to let our food waste end up in landfill is not a very good idea.

15 Mar 2017

Did you know that Australians throw out one out of every five shopping bags?

OzHarvest is passionate about minimising food waste and protecting our environment for future generations. Here’s why…Local food facts Australians throw out $8-10 billion of food every year.

27 Aug 2016

Battle of the Coffee Cups

Half of the plastic produced globally goes into products that are used only once, which creates a staggering amount of waste. This is one reason why we don’t use disposable cups at home.

A local government partnership initiative