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​Gardening Tips for Autumn


Finally, autumn has arrived! Autumn is short – typically starting early April and extending into May. This time of year is a LOT more comfortable to enjoy...

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A buzz of insect activity helps your garden


If you watch a garden intently for long enough, you will notice a buzz of insect activity - in the air, on plants, in flowers, and within the soil. It’s easy to...

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Choosing the right fertiliser for native plants


It is generally understood that the addition of organic matter (mulch or compost) to the garden is for the improvement of soil health, which in turn ...

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Compost – Turn Waste into ‘Black Gold’ for your Garden


  One of the easiest ways to save money, reduce waste, grow a healthier garden and tread lighter on our beautiful planet is to make your own compost. It’s a product of great value.  ...

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Creating a DIY miniature succulent garden


Succulent plants are everywhere right now. You’ll find these quirky, fun splashes of greenery adorning tables in cafés and bringing colour to interior and exterior spaces. These interesting, diverse plants are the perfect way to enliven...

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DIY Paper Plant Pots


Paper pots are a fun, eco-friendly alternative to plastic pots for anyone who grows vegetables, herbs or flowers from seeds.  Paper pots degrade naturally once plants seedlings mature and are an ideal...

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February Seasonal Gardening Tips – Subtropical Queensland


February is typically the time of year when we get the most rainfall in our climate. Heatwaves, hail and even cyclones. Based on past patterns, we often get heavy downpours and thunderstorms, creating hot humid...

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Getting started with microgreens


  Microgreens are the “saucer on a windowsill” herbs and leafy greens that have risen to fame as petite garnishes on the plates of celebrity chefs like Curtis Stone. While they’re now stocked at some farmer’s markets...

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Green on the inside – the best pot plants for healthy air and a gorgeous interior


  Indoor plants are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to transform your home, and generally require very little care or love to thrive. Even better,...

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How to grow your own sprouts


Growing your own sprouts at home is fun and easy. It’s a perfect activity to get the kids interested in producing their own food as they can watch progress each day. Minimal equipment...

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Hundreds of hands plant 3000 native plants for National Tree Day


“We are definitely coming back again next year” was the phrase heard repeatedly at Sunshine Coast Council’s National Tree Day celebrations. More than 350 pairs of willing hands planted 3000 native trees, shrubs and groundcovers at...

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Seasonal Gardening Tips for October


In October, we move into our fifth season here in SE QLD. ‘Sprummer’ is a highly changeable period during October/November, where we transition from spring into summer! A time when climate conditions can be very...

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Seasonal Gardening Tips for September


This year, we had a wetter than normal June (which was very welcome!) but warmer than average temperatures during July – and a very short winter. In my garden, spring started...

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Seasonal Gardening Tips for Summer by Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener


This year has been hotter and drier than we’ve experienced in a while. Whilst it’s typical for spring and early summer to be dry, we usually have had more frequent storms...

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Seasonal Planting for kitchen gardens - with Anne Gibson


  Living Smart speaks with The Micro Gardener, Anne Gibson on gardening for the seasons in our region.   How would you describe our south-east Queensland climate? We have a...

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The entire environment is your backyard


Costa is asking kids across Australia to grab a camera and snap photos of the flora and fauna in their backyard.   What’s in Your Backyard? from Landcare Australia...

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