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07 Jun 2021

Kids ClimART

About this event Artist Yanni van Zijl presents a special workshop series exploring climate change. Children and their caregivers will create several large and colourful group artworks - playing with paint, ink and charcoal using handmade brushes and tools.

18 Mar 2021

World's Biggest Garage Sale (Bite sized)

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale “Bite-Sized” Open Day will pack enough punch to satisfy even the biggest bargain hunters! If you’ve been to our events in the past, please note this isn’t one of them, it’s a delicious bite of evolved capabilities in Australia’s first Circular Economy Precinct.

08 Mar 2021

Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo

The expo will showcase exciting electric transport options now available, including electric cars, e-bikes and e-scooters. You will get the chance to speak with exhibitors, and get the first hand experience of electric car owners.

17 Feb 2021

Our future waste

Around half of the material in Sunshine Coast household general waste bins could be diverted from landfill and recycled. Sunshine Coast Council is therefore looking at how we collect waste from households to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfill and achieve recycling targets outlined in the Queensland Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy.

01 Feb 2021

Creative embroidery workshop

You will work closely with Sharka Borsakova, designer and art worker to create your own embroidery, sharing observations, diverse cultural practises and inspirations in personal space.

01 Feb 2021

Mona Ryder Peer Dialogue Sessions

During your half hour informal meet you will be able to discuss and explore artistic practice, concepts and practicalities relevant to your area of creative practice.

01 Feb 2021

Coffee and Conversation with Mona Ryder

The artist’s work explores themes of domesticity, gender politics and memory through her multi-media practice – a practice that spans more than 4 decades and has been exhibited widely.

01 Feb 2021

Fragile Gardens Exhibition

Mona Ryder’s practice has explored interpersonal relationships, memory, mortality and core beliefs in a rapidly changing world. There is a sense of theatre that pervades the work with an edge of wry humour.

02 Dec 2020

Nothing new for Christmas - DIY decorating

Make a foraged Christmas Centrepiece or Wreath – Workshop 20th December Join Living Smart at the NightQuarter Repair Lab for our Inspired by Nature – Foraged Christmas Centrepiece or Wreath Workshop on December 20.

02 Dec 2020

Nothing new for Christmas: Ditch the wrapping

Join a workshop, check out our videos or get creative with some of our ideas below for a plastic-free, waste-free Christmas. Craft cards, ornaments and gift tags workshop – December 13th  Join Living Smart at the NightQuarter Repair Lab for our Handcrafted Christmas: Gift Cards, Ornaments and Gift Tags workshop.

02 Dec 2020

Get creative with handmade and upcycled presents

Use something you have on hand to create a beautiful custom handmade gift or head to the op shop for inspiration. Make a handmade Christmas gift for your pet – Workshop 6th December Make an upcycled, Christmas gift for your pet or someone else’s pet with Living Smart’s Repair Lab Furbulous – make a handmade Christmas gift for your pet workshop.

06 Nov 2020

Planet arks National recycling week

This established and highly regarded annual campaign continues to educate and stimulate behaviour change, by: Promoting kerbside, industrial and community recycling initiatives Giving people the tools to minimise waste and manage material resources responsibly at home, work and school.

15 Oct 2020

Episode #5: Jacqueline Wilson-Smith & Megyn Carpenter

The Crafting a Circular Conversation series stars serial collaborators who believe in challenging the status quo. These are change makers from across the Sunshine Coast and beyond who are working to reduce waste, increase efficiencies, regenerate, and innovate - all while creating exceptional services, products, and business for good.

08 Oct 2020


This responsive design is known as a “place-based approach” and is evidenced in the following short films, each focused on a special Sunshine Coast building.

02 Oct 2020

Talking Values Based Business with Sarah Wilson

you aren’t living your life with purpose and drive you feel conflicted between how you need to act within your business or employment and your personal value set.

15 Sep 2020


See Permaculture principles and design ideas in action. Come along for an inspiring & informative tour of our gardens on the first Saturday of each month.

15 Sep 2020


It teaches students new ideas, ways of thinking and a change in how we feel about growing food, and teaches the next generation of kids about Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share to usher in a greener and brighter future!

15 Sep 2020


PLEASE NOTE: Parents are welcome to attend, but parent involvement is not necessary as teachers are qualified and numbers are restricted to cater for this.

02 Sep 2020

Spring into scavenge

Well, Spring into Scavenge is coming to town! This is a waste education event where the litter you collect becomes a currency to purchase pre-loved clothes, books and more that have been donated by your local community.

31 Aug 2020

Episode #4: Matt Jancauscas and Christine Ballinger

On September 16th we will be providing the first networking opportunity of the series along with Brouhaha’s curated Beer and Bento experience. This is where guests can be introduced to some of their craft beers, the producers and artisans they work, and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded folk.

28 Aug 2020

The Big Bike Film Night 2020 - Nambour/ Sunshine Coast

Showcasing their 2020 collection that has everything a cycle-centric audience could want - action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration; the evening is unashamedly and utterly designed and devised for the two wheel devotee!

12 Aug 2020

Episode #3: Roz White, Michele Lipner and Cameron McKenzie

Love local, love locavore! We are bursting with excitement to bring you the THIRD episode in the Crafting a Circular Conversation series, where we are talking supporting local - local business, local community initiatives, local business value chain, local food production and a local circular economy marketplace!

04 Jul 2020

2021 Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards

Everyday people are encouraged to apply - you don’t have to be famous! We’re looking for the unsung heroes. If you know of a person or community group who make a difference to life on the Sunshine Coast, don’t miss the opportunity to nominate them for the Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards.

01 Jul 2020

Episode #2: Matt Hepburn, Christen McGarry and Bernie Craven

In a Plastic Free July special, Matt and Christen share their unique approach to business as well as their passion for reducing single-use plastics, embracing sustainability and being ambassadors for Reef Check Australia.

17 May 2020

Episode #1 : Michelle Christoe, Yas Grigaliunas and Todd Widdicombe

Be part of the conversation and join the change-makers crafting a circular economy approach to business. We are in the middle of a sustainability reset and challenging the notion of ‘business as usual’.

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