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13 Apr 2021

Local health service embraces global green challenge

But the innovative team at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) is actively pursuing change, with several pioneering programs underway and commitment to a global green hospitals initiative.

18 Mar 2021

World's Biggest Garage Sale (Bite sized)

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale “Bite-Sized” Open Day will pack enough punch to satisfy even the biggest bargain hunters! If you’ve been to our events in the past, please note this isn’t one of them, it’s a delicious bite of evolved capabilities in Australia’s first Circular Economy Precinct.

17 Jan 2021

Coast “fix it” cafés reduce landfill and keep skills alive

Across the Sunshine Coast, an increasing number of fix it type cafes are popping up and old school tinkerers who repair everything from garden furniture to bicycles are busier than ever.

14 Jan 2021

Yandina business compost pilot an Australian first

Food Waste Loop, a Yandina Community Gardens (YCG) pilot program, is collecting food waste from local businesses and turning it into compost which is already in high demand.

02 Dec 2020

Nothing new for Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is also the time of the greatest waste. Food goes uneaten, wrapping goes to landfill, unwanted gifts end up at charity.

09 Nov 2020

Nothing New for Christmas - Launch RepairLab Workshop Series

EMPOWERING THE COMMUNITY TO REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE The NightQuarter RepairLab has a mission to empower the community to participate in the circular economy. The space provides opportunities for the community to meet with skilled local makers, artisans and craftspeople to repair and reuse furniture, clothes, jewellery, bicycles and more.

15 Oct 2020

Episode #5: Jacqueline Wilson-Smith & Megyn Carpenter

The Crafting a Circular Conversation series stars serial collaborators who believe in challenging the status quo. These are change makers from across the Sunshine Coast and beyond who are working to reduce waste, increase efficiencies, regenerate, and innovate - all while creating exceptional services, products, and business for good.

15 Oct 2020

Crafting a Circular Economy

EPISODE #5 - Jacqueline Wilson-Smith & Megyn Carpenter Be part of the conversation and join the change makers crafting a more circular economy approach to business!

29 Sep 2020

Virtual Cleantech Conference & Exhibition is happening 24 - 26 November 2020

The three day program will focus on the opportunities for the Cleantech industry as an instigator of innovation, economic development, creative collaborations and inclusive prosperity.

17 Sep 2020

Aspire circular economy marketplace for business

If your business has unwanted resources (e.g. electronics, wood, metal and by-product), instead of sending it to landfill, you put it to better use by listing it on ASPIRE for other businesses to source and use.

15 Sep 2020

Connect and Share with Spare Harvest

Moving to the Sunshine Coast several years ago, Helen wanted her family to experience the same connection to food that she did growing up, so they bought acreage where the family could grow their own produce.

31 Aug 2020

Episode #4: Matt Jancauscas and Christine Ballinger

On September 16th we will be providing the first networking opportunity of the series along with Brouhaha’s curated Beer and Bento experience. This is where guests can be introduced to some of their craft beers, the producers and artisans they work, and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded folk.

12 Aug 2020

Episode #3: Roz White, Michele Lipner and Cameron McKenzie

Love local, love locavore! We are bursting with excitement to bring you the THIRD episode in the Crafting a Circular Conversation series, where we are talking supporting local - local business, local community initiatives, local business value chain, local food production and a local circular economy marketplace!

01 Jul 2020

Episode #2: Matt Hepburn, Christen McGarry and Bernie Craven

In a Plastic Free July special, Matt and Christen share their unique approach to business as well as their passion for reducing single-use plastics, embracing sustainability and being ambassadors for Reef Check Australia.

07 Jun 2020

SPRUNGG Sustainable Change Accelerator Program

Create better and change for good. The SPRUNGG Sustainable Change Accelerator program, from Sustainable Innovation CO- powered by FAN, is designed to help food and agriculture businesses bring about radical change, better innovation and a more sustainable world.

25 May 2020

Farming in harmony with nature: The Falls Farm

Set in an idyllic Mapleton location between two of the Sunshine Coast’s most spectacular national parks, The Falls Farm is a remarkable tale about farming in harmony with nature.

17 May 2020

Episode #1 : Michelle Christoe, Yas Grigaliunas and Todd Widdicombe

Be part of the conversation and join the change-makers crafting a circular economy approach to business. We are in the middle of a sustainability reset and challenging the notion of ‘business as usual’.

23 Feb 2020

Brewing change: cheers to the microbrewers embracing sustainability

Fortunately, the Sunshine Coast is home to a growing number of microbreweries embracing both the craft of beer-making and a commitment to sustainable practices.

26 Jun 2019

From food to farm: a local company’s war on waste

Earthborn has been turning raw organic materials such as green waste into value add products at their Palmwoods site for almost two decades. The family-owned company has been involved in green waste recycling since its inception in Australia, through its Gold Coast-based sister company, Phoenix.

02 May 2019

Why the Circular Economy is such a hot topic

Circular economy thinking is not new, leading think tank, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has been cheerleading CE principles to governments and industry for almost twenty years.

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