Choose to Reuse – Make a small change for big impact

On the Sunshine Coast, we know we're onto a good thing - that’s why we live here. We love the laid-back lifestyle, stunning beaches, great cafés and unique community spirit.  

Single-use items such as coffee cups, straws, shopping bags and plastic bottles are disastrous for our environment and waterways.

Keeping Covid-safe has meant that some single-use items, such as takeaway coffee cups and plastic food containers have increased. But don’t fear – there is still much we can do to make an impact!

BYO Sunshine Coast invites everyone take up the challenge to refuse single-use and bring your own items instead.  

Whether you’re heading to work, on the go, doing the shopping or eating out, there are plenty of plastic-free or zero waste options to embrace.

Join the challenge to #BYO Sunshine Coast 

#BYOSunshineCoast invites everyone to take up the challenge to ditch single-use and bring plastic-free items instead. To help inspire you, we’ve rounded up a simple guide to creating your own plastic-free kit to help minimise everyday waste.

Breakdown of waste found in Sunshine Coast Waterways over a 12 month period

Join a beach clean up

With a surge in single use plastics due to Covid-19, local environmental groups are concerned about the potential impact of even more plastic pollution on Sunshine Coast marine life.

Connect with our local beach clean-up groups and join one of their events or head your local waterway or park and do a DIY clean-up.


Don’t go anywhere without your BYO cutlery wrap, water bottle, bag and coffee cup (even if you can’t use it at all cafés due to Covid, they still come in handy in the workplace). Zero-waste lunch is ON!


BYO reusable produce and shopping bags - get a set and keep them wherever you will remember them – add them to your shopping list or add a reminder to your phone. Clean, refillable containers or jars for bulk food purchases. Choose to refuse pre-packaged meat, fish and deli products, particularly those sold on polystyrene trays.


Pop together the perfect package of reusable; tumblers, straws, plates, cutlery and condiment containers. When packing lunch consider buying fresh, local and plastic free.

On the Go

Collapsable or reusable tumblers in the glovebox, BYO shopping bags, water bottles and cutlery wrap. Also, check with your local cafe or restaurant if you can bring your own container for take away food.


Avoid cling wrap by storing and packing food in reusable containers. You can also purchase reusable silicone bowl toppers to cover food in bowls, pots and pans, or even get crafty with an upside down plate, reusable cloth cover or wax wrap. Choose to refuse plastic bin liners and line the bin with a few sheets of newspaper, use compostable bin liner bags or use a ‘naked bin’ and simply wash it out as needed.


Make friends with a bamboo toothbrush, trial a shampoo or body bar, buy plastic free cotton tips or get a metal safety razor with recyclable blades. Also, consider alternatives to single-use makeup wipes and sanitary items.

Participate in upcoming event

Here are some great opportunities to participate induring Plastic Free July on the Sunshine Coast:

A local government partnership initiative