16 Apr, 2018

White roofs – the best idea you’ve probably never heard of


Have you ever noticed how much hotter the black asphalt on a road is, compared to the white lines painted on it - or a light coloured concrete path nearby?

Black surfaces absorb most of the visible spectrum of light, causing them to heat up - whereas light coloured surfaces reflect this heat and stay cooler.

This can make a big difference on your roof! Whereas a black roof can heat up to more than 80oC, a light coloured roof will stay cool enough for you to walk on it with your bare feet by reflecting around 85% of the sunlight that hits it.

One of the best things you can do to keep your home naturally cooler is to paint your roof white or a light colour, or you could also consider a cool roof coating.

Besides having a cooler, more comfortable home and saving on your energy bills, having a lighter coloured or cool roof coating on your roof can also extend its life, by reducing the amount of expansion and contraction that occurs when metals heat and cool.

If you are looking to replace or repaint your roof, ask your paint or roofing specialist about roof options that will keep your home cooler!

For more information:

https://www.go-gba.org/resources/green-building-methods/cool-roofs/ http://www.architectureanddesign.com.au/features/product-in-focus/a-cool-roof-wrap-round-australia http://coolroofs.org/resources/home-building-owners

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