25 Mar, 2020

Viral kindness: the acts of generosity bringing our community together


Tough times can often bring out the best in a community and the coronavirus crisis is no exception.

Across the Sunshine Coast, acts of generosity and kindness are bringing people together as we learn to adapt to a completely different way of life.

The swell of goodwill is heart-warming and provides reassurance that while we need to remain physically apart, our community is more connected than ever.

Examples of goodwill are everywhere. Neighbours are checking in on each other, sewing groups are making personal protective equipment and the power of social media is being leveraged to support healthcare workers and the hospitality industry.

Thank you to the businesses, individuals and community groups that are going the extra mile to look after others.

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Nourishing our health care workers

Despite times being tough in hospitality, several local restaurants and cafes have stepped up to help provide nutritious, nourishing meals for our valued health care workers.

Elixiba at Maroochydore has made thousands of meals for local health care workers and they’re not planning to stop any time soon. Elixiba is providing free curries as a thank you for their hard work. Free delivery can be arranged if required. Everyone else can get their hands on Elixiba’s yummy, plant-based gluten free curries for just $5 takeaway.

Bombay Bliss is offering their delicious curries at discounted rates for health care workers with a valid ID. That’s $3 for half curry and rice (Butter Chicken or Beef Rogan Josh) or $1 for vegan half curry and rice (Bombay Aloo or Dahl) as well as 50 cents for plain naan. The offer is limited to two meals per person and available for pick-up only.

Kenilworth Country Bakery is delivering 200 of their popular donuts daily to our doctors and nurses, supporting our everyday superheroes.

Caring for our furry friends

While WildlifeHQ at the Big Pineapple has had to close its doors temporarily, passionate staff are volunteering their time to continue to care for the zoo’s animals.

Zookeeper Jarrod Schenk told 7News that at a time of uncertainty, the team was unanimous in their offer to stay on as volunteers.

“We don’t know how long this will last so as a lot of us of are actually going to volunteer to care for the animals and stay on here at the zoo…We will do what we can to ensure that at the end of this crisis, there is still a zoo to come and visit,” Jarrod said.

Some of the animals crave attention and interaction so zookeepers will need to come up with some creative ideas to keep the animals occupied.

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Locals supporting locals

Times are tough in the hospitality industry with many of our pubs, clubs and restaurants already shutting up shop due to government requirements.

It’s more important than ever to support the local cafés and restaurants that remain open. Many have adapted quickly to new regulations by offering take away and/or home delivery services.

Several social media groups have sprung up quickly to support our hospitality industry, giving restaurants and cafés an opportunity to share menus and promote their new delivery services.

The Restaurant Food Delivery + Takeaway - Sunshine Coast Facebook group now has almost 7,000 members.

You can also follow Local Food Sunshine Coast (established by the Food and Agribusiness network) on both Facebook and Instagram.

Matching hospitality workers with food industry jobs

While some local growers are booming, many cafes and restaurants have had to lay off staff while they convert to a take-away only business model.

“We’ve gone out to all of our members and said if you’ve got extra work available right now, let us know and we are then matching those up with workers who are losing their jobs or having their hours cut,” Emma Greenhatch from FAN told WIN news.

Connect with FAN on Facebook or via their website.

Adopt a health care worker

A state-wide Facebook group called Adopt a Health Care Worker Queensland is connecting health care workers to people in the community who can assist with chores, lawn mowing, childcare, meals etc.

While there is no Sunshine Coast specific group, post codes added to posts asking for assistance make it easy pair up with someone who needs help in your local area.

The generosity displayed by group members is heart-warming with offers of cooking, shopping, dog walking and services such as car maintenance flooding the page.

The group has also become a forum for health care workers to reach out for help to obtain additional protective equipment or address equipment supply shortages. Sewing groups are enthusiastically mobilising to make supplies such as scrub caps while discussions around innovative approaches for manufacturing other pieces of equipment are identifying potential solutions.

If you know of a gesture of kindness or goodwill by a local business, community group or individual in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, we would love to hear from you! Email us at theteam@livingsmartqld.com.au

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