16 Nov, 2020

Value our heritage – Have your say for a chance to win

Value our heritage – Have your say for a chance to win


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Every voice in our region has value. There are many ways that you can get involved in influencing our today and our future. Contribute your ideas, submit feedback or exchange views on matters that affect you and your community.


The draft Heritage Plan 2021-2031(External link) (External link)is now available for public consultation. All feedback will be used to inform final amendments to the document before the plan is presented to Council in 2021 for consideration.

Complete the survey(External link)

  • to access free tickets to community events
  • for your chance to win an iPad!

Submissions close 13 December 2020.


The Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2015-2020(External link) will come to the end of its life at the end of 2020. It is important to maintain the momentum of the current plan. The draft Heritage Plan 2021-2031(External link) is based on the proven framework from the Heritage Plan 2015-2020 and the five key outcome areas:

  • knowledge
    Heritage, its value and significance to the Sunshine Coast community, is comprehensively identified researched, recorded and shared.
  • conservation
    Best practice conservation management and innovative solutions protect and conserve the Sunshine Coast’s natural and cultural heritage for current and future generations.
  • support
    Provide opportunities to stimulate understanding, activation and appreciation of the region’s cultural heritage.
  • communication
    Increased visibility of heritage to strengthen community identity, resilience and awareness of Sunshine Coast’s cultural heritage.
  • advocacy
    Key decision makers have an increased awareness and appreciation of the region’s diverse heritage.

Community engagement

Community are now invited to have their say by completing the online survey(External link). Submissions close 13 December.

Complete the survey(External link) to access free tickets to community events, and for your chance to win an iPad! View the terms and conditions - movie and iPad.

Details of the community events you can access after completing the survey are listed below. Please note: in line with Queensland Government’s roadmap to easing COVID-19 restrictions contact tracing is required at events.

Where to from here?

Revision and adoption of this Plan will happen February 2021.


The (External link)[Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2015-2020[3146KB](External link)](https://d1j8a4bqwzee3.cloudfront.net/~/media/Corporate/Documents/CulturalHeritage/sc_heritage_plan_2015_2020.pdf?la=en) covers all aspects of the Sunshine Coast’s cultural and natural heritage, which council has direct responsibility for or influence over. This was council’s first strategic heritage plan and was developed following contextual research, consultation, drafting and public exhibition.

A progress review of the Heritage Plan 2015-2020 in 2019 determined which actions had been completed, which were under way, and which were yet to commence. Preparation of a new Plan began November 2019.

Extensive consultation has been conducted with external stakeholders including:

  • traditional owners and custodians
  • representatives from the heritage sector
  • Sunshine Coast Heritage Reference Group.

Peer reviews were undertaken by:

  • Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
  • Queensland Heritage Council.


For more information, contact council’s Cultural Heritage Services officers on (07) 5420 8600 or email culturalheritage@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au.

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