01 Dec, 2020

True cost of Christmas

From our friends from the World’s Biggest Garage sale.


Commit to buying at least one thing second hand this Christmas and make a pledge through the #OneSecond campaign. 

 Together we can make a real and actionable difference to create new circular and sustainable Christmas traditions.

 Did you know the holiday season is one of the most costly times of year on the planet?

Want to give #onesecond, but aren’t sure where to start? There are a million ways to participate! Here are five to get you going:

  1. Host a clothes swap 
  2. Seconds-only office Secret Santa
  3. Renew a piece of furniture
  4. Source from secondhand vendors
  5. Get creative with things you already own! Find out more here

Now that you know partaking is oh-so-easy, make the #onesecond pledge if you haven’t already or share with friends!


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