19 Dec, 2017

Top 10 Summer power saving tips

Summer in Queensland can be long and hot. It is also peak demand time for our power supplies.


With household power prices continuing to soar, save power and help prevent power bill shock with these tips.

  1. Close windows, curtains and blinds during the day. This will reduce the amount of heat inside and decrease your household’s reliance on air conditioning. Once the heat of the day is over, open blinds and windows to let the cooler air in.
  2. Service your air conditioner regularly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are replacing an air conditioner, read up on the Peak Smart scheme which offers cash rewards for choosing energy efficient air conditioners. See your energy provider’s website for details.
  3. Set temperatures on your air conditioner at 24 degrees or higher. Setting your air conditioner just one degree higher than the 22-23 degree settings often used in summer can reduce cooling costs by 10%.
  4. Turn off lights when leaving a room
  5. Choose energy efficient light globes
  6. Consider using a fan instead of an air conditioner
  7. Switch off and unplug appliances. Appliances continue to use power even in “standby"mode
  8. Limit the length of time the fridge door is open
  9. Only run dishwashers and washing machines when full and use economy settings where possible
  10. If you have a swimming pool, user a cover when it is not in use, install an energy efficient pool pump, and consider running your pump in off-peak times (check out Energy Saving Tips for Pools for more information).

Your energy supplier’s website will have more tips on how to save energy in summer and throughout the year. You’ll also find information on current incentive schemes, and how to take advantage of off-peak power savings.

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