19 Dec, 2017

Three tips to reduce food waste with OzHarvest


OzHarvest Sunshine Coast has rescued over 100 tonnes of excess food from landfill since 2014. Coordinator Michele Lipner is passionate about tackling food waste, regularly attending markets and events to talk to community members about healthy eating, nutrition and minimising food waste at home.

Here Michele shares three favourite tips to reduce food waste in your home.

  1. Freeze leftovers
    If you are not going to use products before their use-by date, freeze them. Ideally this can be done in portions to make the items easier to use upon defrosting.
  2. Plan your meals around what is in your refrigerator
    Consider what you already have on hand before buying additional items. Use your leftovers! Freeze leftovers if you cannot use them within a couple of days.
  3. Plan weekly meals
    Check what you already have in the pantry or refrigerator, then write a list of what you need for the week before going shopping. Avoid impulse buying or buying more than you need.

For more inspiration on reducing your household’s food waste and converting your leftovers to tasty meals, check out Living Smart’s Love Your Leftovers campaign.

For some sensational recipes on how to use up leftovers, check out these delicious recipes from 4 Ingredients: Antipasto Tart Banana Bix-Shake Breakfast Box

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