01 Feb, 2021

The 'big scrub' rainforest - Mary Cairncross an important remnant

The 'big scrub' rainforest - Mary Cairncross an important remnant


schedule 11:29 PM

room Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, Theatrette

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Sub-tropical rainforest areas of northern NSW and South-east Queensland, known colloquially as ‘big scrub’, are considered national biodiversity hot-spots.


These areas have some of the highest levels of species diversity and richness found anywhere on the Australian continent. Only the wet tropics have a greater species richness. 

Over the past 200 years we have seen significant declines in the extent of the big scrub rainforest. They were almost wiped out entirely in some parts of northern NSW in pre and post war times.  The term scrub is a derogatory term used to describe low scrappy vegetation by the early settler’s intent on clearing it.  When they were confronted by the majestic rainforest areas with their tall valuable cedars and other rainforest trees they coined the phrase “big scrub”.  Fortunately, some important areas remain and due to the efforts of many special, caring people and communities we are collectively seeing restoration of rainforest.

Richard’s presentation will look at

  • historically how and why we have lost such extensive areas of rainforest on the Blackall Range
  • what makes Mary Cairncross such an important and special remnant patch of rainforest in a Sunshine Coast area context
  • what council has been doing to help protect and restore these biodiverse ‘power-house’ habitat’s.

DATE: 31 March 2021
TIME: 3.30pm - 5.00pm
LOCATION: Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, Theatrette


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