15 Apr, 2019

The 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide is here!!!


For the past 7 years the Ethical Fashion Guide has grown to engage with 480 fashion brands to improve the lives of millions of vulnerable workers in the textiles industry globally.

We’ve added new brands and asked them about their environmental impact this time. The more of us using the guide, the more companies are encouraged that they need to treat their workers and the environment fairly. Make your next purchase in line with our latest Ethical Fashion Guide. Download it from our website or order a bunch of copies to hand out to friends.

You can make an even greater difference with our new ‘Grade Sharer’. We’ve made social media posts easy for you - just pick your favourite company and send them our message on your favourite social platform!

We’ve also challenged you in the Guide this year with seven practical ways you can become a more ethical shopper. Thanks so much for your concern for the poor, the vulnerable and the exploited, and thanks for encouraging us in our research!

Read a great interview with one of our researchers for ABC’s triplej HACK here!


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