26 Aug, 2016

Switch off and save: The appliances that eat into your energy bill


You€Ûªre taking positive steps to reduce your energy use by turning down the heater or air conditioner, but did you know that a number of household appliances are busy using electricity even when they€Ûªre on standby mode?

In fact, that screen saver on your computer or red light on your television can add up to 10 per cent of your electricity bill. Identify the culprits and take action now with this quick and easy-to-follow guide.

Switch off

Leaving household appliances, computers, televisions and other electrical devices in standby mode means they continue to use electricity even when they€Ûªre not actively in use. Save energy and money by switching off these items when they€Ûªre not being used. It€Ûªs easy when you consider most of these items have a remote control or can be programmed to turn off or go to sleep after a set amount of time.

Don€Ûªt leave your laptop running every time you stop typing to take a phone call, instead you can save energy in your home office, and anywhere else you use a computer, by setting your screen to standby mode whenever you step away. And no matter how late you€Ûªre working or playing games, remember to turn off your computer overnight €€€ this will cut its energy use by over 60 per cent.

A helping hand

It€Ûªs simple to reduce standby power by switching off devices at the wall or setting them to turn off or go to sleep automatically.

Use remote-controlled power boards to turn electricity from the mains on and off, and take advantage of €€€intelligent€Ûª standby power controllers. These power points sense when your devices €€€ such as modems, televisions and printers €€€ are in standby mode and automatically switch them off. These devices can be purchased at office supply stores or from online retailers.

There are also a fabulous and emerging range of energy optimisation tools such as the AuziMAX system, which is a cost-effective, cloud based energy management system that enables both commercial and residential customers not just to take the guess work out of their energy bills, but also to control and manage appliances from their Mobile, PC or Tablet devices at any time - from any location.

Use Energy Australia€Ûªs online estimation tool to find out how much difference switching off appliances on standby can make to your energy bill. It could also be a good time to assess your energy plan based on your current energy usage. Adapted from www.energyaustralia.com.au

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