07 Jun, 2020

SPRUNGG Sustainable Change Accelerator Program

SPRUNGG Sustainable Change Accelerator Program


schedule 10:00 PM

SPRUNGG is designed to help food and ag companies implement radical change, better innovation and more sustainable business practices.


Create better and change for good. The SPRUNGG Sustainable Change Accelerator program, from Sustainable Innovation CO- powered by FAN, is designed to help food and agriculture businesses bring about radical change, better innovation and a more sustainable world.

The 4 month online programme commences 30th June 2020.

What’s in the program? Four online modules selected by FAN members for FAN Members focused on sustainability, collaboration, leadership, innovation and ideation.

What’s in each module? Each module in the SPRUNGG Accelerator Program includes ebooks, live webinar, workshop tool-box, online video tutorials, access to a buddy system.

Why should I enrol? Adopt a growth mindset, create a collaborative circle of support and embed ethics to help your business accelerate change sustainably.

Who should enrol? Individuals, teams and businesses who want to create better and change for good.

When: Enrol today with

Module 1 - Purpose-Led Sustainability Planning commencing Jun 30th 2020

Module 2 - New Collaboration Business Models: 28th Jul, 2020

Module 3 - Radical Change Leadership: 25th Aug, 2020

Module 4 - Sorting Ideas from Solutions: 29th Sep, 2020

Where: All courses are live, online and accessible from anywhere in the world.

SPRUNGG stands for:

SP | Springboard - to create better and a roadmap to change for good.

R | Resilience - principles to guide adaptive innovation

UNGG | United Nations Global Goals - using the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What do I learn in the modules?

Module 1 - Purpose-Led Sustainability Planning

Business as usual is no longer an option. We are living in an increasingly uncertain world. Temperatures are rising, droughts are more frequent, food supplies are increasingly scarce, the gap between rich and poor is growing. With change though, comes opportunity. Businesses that thrive in the future will be those that serve society today. Successful delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – which seek to tackle 17 of world’s most urgent challenges will create market opportunities of at least $12 trillion* a year. That’s why, SPRUNGG has developed this module, to provide a blueprint for sustainable growth, a springboard for innovating better and a recipe to embed life and soul into your business.*Business & Sustainable Development Commission.

Module 2 - New Collaboration Business Models

Collaborating on a superficial level is easy, but collaborating commercially, splitting intellectual contribution, assets, knowledge, HR and skills is really hard. There are so many tensions and potentially competing goals. Who leads who, when there isn’t really a boss? How can a collective, inspire a collective? How can shared value be created whilst still creating profit for the individual actors too? How can the attribution of rewards be fair & equitable? To help businesses navigate this minefield and be truly effective at creating collaborative business models, the SPRUNGG team, has reviewed research literature, interviewed scores smart business people and created a collaborators playbook packed with practical tools like a WIIFE (What’s In It For Everyone), a Sustainable Circle of Trust Framework and an In-kind Contributors log. The world needs collaborative leaders to step up in droves and solve our biggest wicked problems. Be one.

Module 3 - Radical Change Leadership

Whether you need to reinvent your business or radically change how you inspire others, spring into impactful, positive action through this module. Leadership experts agree a key challenge facing leaders now and in the future is responsiveness to radical change. Participants will learn about the 5 different styles of radical change leadership, audit their natural leadership style, create an awareness of their biases and authentically find the most effective ways to ensure radical change success. At SPRUNGG, we believe inspiring leadership in today’s world, needs to be agile and adaptive too.

Module 4: - Sorting Ideas from Solutions

Ideas are easy, solutions are hard. Leaders, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs have often struggled with the constant flow of ideas and how to make peoples' ideas feel valued even thought not acted upon. Reality is, ideas are’t the hard part of innovation and neither is execution. It’s deciding which ideas, in what incarnation, and in what order that’s hard. This is incredibly important, undervalued, and hard to do which is why we’ve included a range of practical tools such as the “ideas funnel”, “ ideas sorter” and the “sol bank”. At SPRUNGG we believe it’s more effective to ask people to submit problems with a bank of ideas to solve them rather than just asking for ideas.

NON FAN member pricing

$200 / per module / individual

$500 / program of 4 modules / individual

FAN member pricing (generously subsided by Sustainable Innovation Co)

$40 / per module / individual*

$100 / program of 4 modules / individual*

We encourage teams of course to the SPRUNGG program. For any business with more than 2 participants, the 3rd participant is FREE. This offer is exclusive to FAN members only.

Note: limited team places

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