12 Aug, 2020

SPRUNGG delivers world-class sustainable change accelerator for businesses

SPRUNGG delivers world-class sustainable change accelerator for businesses

World-class education in innovation and sustainability is about to become more accessible for small to medium business owners, with a new program being launched on the Sunshine Coast.


SPRUNGG is designed to meet the need for affordable, practical learning and development for businesses, community groups and not-for-profits striving to create more sustainable, resilient business models.

Suitable for any organisation that strives to make a difference in the world, the program is described as a springboard (SP) for resilience (R) that guides adaptative innovation. The ultimate aim is to help businesses achieve the United Nations Global Goals (UNGG) for Sustainable Development.

The live online program consists of a series of modules led by globally respected innovators, design thinkers, creatives, crisis managers and sustainability experts. Each cohort of up to 25 participants undertakes four weeks of self-paced learning, supported by facilitated conversations and collaboration.

A passion project of Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) co-founder, Jacqueline Wilson-Smith, SPRUNGG is built around innovation and finding new ways of doing things.

“SPRUNGG has been built out of ethical entrepreneurship, much like many of the businesses on the Sunshine Coast. It will help foster and grow a community of like-minded, collaborative and innovative problem solvers who want to do better,” Jacqui said.

The journey to SPRUNGG

After spending 25 years creating and marketing some of the world’s most profitable new food products, Jacqui had an epiphany when listening to a TED talk by Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson.

“He spoke about the impact of plastic pollution in our seas and organisations that were doing something about it like Parley, whose mission is to convert ocean plastic waste into shoes and clothing. I felt inspired, yet deflated,” Jacqui said.

“I knew I had to do better, not only for the planet but for the people who walk it, including my children. I began to seek purpose-led projects within my corporate workplace where I could make a positive impact. I had the privilege of leading McCormick’s sustainable packaging transition to eliminate 100% non-recyclable plastic and reduce their carbon footprint by 2025.”

Inspired by others doing good in the world Jacqui started Sustainable Innovation Company, a design-led innovation consultancy in late 2019.

When COVID-19 turned our world upside down earlier this year, Jacqui discovered that many businesses and industries were faced with the same critical question: Will my business survive? She had already been collaborating with businesses to build resilience plans, develop impactful innovation and activate sustainable change. In a lightbulb moment, Jacqui realised that the time was right for her to share this knowledge and make a positive impact. And so SPRUNGG was born.

“Small to medium sized enterprises want to grow, be more professional and purpose-led but because of their size, they are often focused on the day to day running of the business. Engaging sustainability consultants, innovation consultants and business coaches is often cost prohibitive. SPRUNGG uses a one to many model to make it affordable while the program is structured to foster collaboration, connection and sharing."

Holistic approach to sustainability

While we often think of sustainability in terms of the environment and climate, the 17 United Nations Global Goals are broader, including zero poverty, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, peace and justice.

Using these goals as a framework, SPRUNGG delivers 36 modules covering a broad range of topics including:

  • Crisis recovery and regeneration
  • Creative sustainable change
  • Collaborative leadership
  • A business case for circularity
  • Feeding innovative culture
  • Good health and wellbeing
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Shifting supply chains to value chains

Jacqui said that taking a more holistic approach to sustainability resonates with many businesses that are seeking to adopt a growth mindset while at the same time filling the pressing need for radical change, better innovation and a more sustainable world.

Building business resilience and agility

Founded on the Sunshine Coast, SPRUNGG is expected to deliver tangible results to the Sunshine Coast community including:

  • Giving local businesses access to global leaders in the space
  • Opportunities for local leaders to contribute to the education program
  • Building more collaborative communities
  • Connecting like-minded problem solvers
  • Fostering ethical entrepreneurs
  • Supporting a more resilient and adaptive economy

“Without the right skills, tools and purpose, businesses find it challenging to create a sustainable future. Recent volatility has shown us that we need to build resilience and agility into our businesses to ensure they aren’t left exposed with a high chance of failure. SPRUNGG is designed to give businesses a fighting chance to survive, thrive and contribute to a better world,” Jacqui said.

To find out more about SPRUNGG, check out the website.

Do you know an individual or business dong amazing things in the innovation or sustainability space on the Sunshine Coast? We would love to hear from you. Please comment below or send us an email to theteam@livingsmartqld.com.au

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