27 Feb, 2019

One year’s waste in a jar


Our population is growing at record levels, and so is our waste. According to Blue Environment’s 2018 National Waste Report, Australia produced 67 million tonnes of waste in 2016-17.

Household waste represented 9.7 million tonnes, with 5.4 million tonnes going to landfill - that’s 269 kilograms of waste per person. You would be easily forgiven thinking our cities are headed for a waste storage crisis.

News that Australia is no longer able to on-sell our recycling waste, meaning we are now simply creating stock-piles of “recyclables”, this crisis appears more to be a looming catastrophe.

Is this crisis beyond our civic leader’s capabilities to solve? Or, if we all did our bit, can we as individual families and households collectively solve this issue?

Elli Webb, from the Sunshine Coast, has completed a one-year challenge that saw her reduce her household waste down to 152 grams of landfill and 51 kilograms of recycling.

Her tips on how to reduce your waste include: don’t bring it into the home in the first place, and re-use as much as you can.

Click here to find out more of her tips and see what is possible to achieve in your home.

(Photo and Original story by ABC Sunshine Coast: Tim Wong-See)

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