26 Nov, 2021

Nothing new for Christmas - DIY decorating

Nothing new for Christmas - DIY decorating

Discarded Christmas ornaments, artificial trees and lights can languish in landfill for centuries. Fortunately there are loads of natural, recycled or upcycled alternatives that are simple and fun to make.


Compostable or upcycled tinsel alternatives

Christmas is a perfect time for crafting! Get creative and make beautiful upcycled, compostable, plastic-free garlands and decorations.

Handmade decorations can be made from fabric, magazines, catalogues, newspapers, old letters or unwanted books.

Check out these great videos of local artist Gretchen Keelty.

And a few more great ideas:

Nature-inspired decorations

Decorative inspiration is all around us in nature – from the beautiful flowering natives that line our streets to fallen pine cones and driftwood that washes up on the beach.

Nature is the perfect source for Christmas creativity for table centrepieces, hanging decorations, wall hangings and wreaths.

Check out 12 beautiful natural Christmas decorations or Australian Bush Christmas on Pinterest for some stunning ideas.

Other eco-friendly and upcycled decorative ideas

  • Find second hand decorations at your local thrift store
  • Ditch the glitter and make your own eco-friendly confetti by using a hole punch and dried leaves or dry flower petals
  • Use plastic-free candles instead of plastic Christmas lights
  • Choose fabric tablecloths, placemats and napkins instead of single use options (make your own, repurpose old fabric or visit the local op shops).
  • Magazine wreath made from recycled magazines
  • Denim stars made from repurposed jeans
  • Toilet paper roll crafts – make an elf, snowman, Santa or reindeer

Do you have a creative idea to add? How is your family embracing the Buy nothing new challenge this Christmas? Living Smart would love to hear from you. Email us or comment below.

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