14 Aug, 2018

Join the War on Waste Sunshine Coast Facebook community


As the war on waste gains momentum, communities of passionate people are popping up on social media to discuss solutions and share ideas. On the sunny coast, a Facebook group called War On Waste - Sunshine Coast has clocked up 350 members with more joining every day.

If you’ve seen War on Waste on TV and don’t know how to get started, or are keen to connect with other waste warriors on the coast, this group is a positive place where everyone is welcome.

Environmental consultant Cara Marshall started the group in mid-2017 after moving to the Sunshine Coast from the UK. A mum with two young children, Cara would meet other mums for coffeeand chat about keep cups, coffee pods, where to buy bulk foods and other lifestyle related topics. It seemed a natural progression to move the group to a social platform but Cara didn’t expect it to attract such a high level of interest.

“It started out as a little group but people were inviting their friends and new members were joining almost every day,” Cara said.

“We used the War on Waste theme as it was current at the time and thought it would attract people who might have watched the television show and want to take steps in their own lives but were not sure where to start.”

The intention was to make the group a really friendly place where people were comfortable to ask questions and local businesses making an effort could be celebrated.

“If I go into a local café and see they offer a discount for bringing my own cup and they are selling keep cups, I’ll talk to them about the page and let them know their efforts to reduce single-use plastics will be shared with our community. It reassures businesses that people are noticing and they can benefit,” Cara said.

Cara said that the BYO movement was a regular topic of conversation, particularly reusable cups and straws, and many in the group are encouraging local cafes to join Responsible Cafés so conscious consumers can more easily locate places that offer a discount for bringing your own cup.

Other hot topics of conversation include alternatives to single-use shopping bags, disposing of old mobile phones, encouraging local venues to adopt The Last Straw pledge to be straw-responsible and hacks for avoiding single-use items while travelling.

Individuals within the group are also taking up their own challenges at a local level, asking their local supermarkets to avoid excessive packaging for produce, or hosting film screenings.

“There are some really passionate people in the group,” says Cara. “Older people who have been making low-waste choices their whole lives are a great resource for people posting questions. Many of us are learning from each other and it’s also a great way to keep a check on your own actions.”

If you’re located on the Sunshine Coast and interested in joining the group, submit a request to join at War On Waste - Sunshine Coast.

Do you know a waste warrior in the Sunshine Coast, Redland City or Moreton Bay areas? Help us celebrate the individuals and groups that are doing great work in our community by emailing us(link to relevant council email address) with their details so we can share their story.

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