07 Mar, 2019

How to be a sustainable traveller


Many of us love to travel, but how do we avoid all the single use plastic that can often go with it? Beyond your reusable drink bottle and reusable bag, Lonely Planet share some tips on how to reduce your throw away plastic and how to be a more conscientious traveller.

Here are a few of their handy hints:

Look for sustainable hotels and eco-friendly accommodation. Look for hotels that provide filtered water (rather than plastic bottles), non-plastic straws, and toiletries provided in re-usable dispensers.

Pack a plastic-free travel kit. Try using a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, cotton balls without the plastic stem and using reusable packing cubes instead of plastic bags for your dirt clothes and hiking boots.

Fly smart. Bring your reusable bottle, refuse single use items such as refresher towels wrapped in plastic and look for airlines that are actively looking for ways to reduce their waste in the air and on the ground. Qantas, which now provides plastic-free headsets and pyjamas is getting on board too.

Choose responsible tour operators. Look for an operator that actively minimises their use of plastic by providing reusable bags, potable drinking water to re-fil your bottle, and provides lunches etc in reusable or compostable packaging.

Click here for heaps more ideas.

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