26 Mar, 2020

How Spare Harvest can help you share what you have


Now is an ideal time to experience the joy of sharing. Never before in our recent history has the need to come together and support each other been so important.

Spare Harvest connects people with their neighbours, enabling the sharing or exchange of surplus items. Established right here on the Sunshine Coast, Spare Harvest is about locals helping locals, reducing waste and sharing what we have - time, goods and support.

The Spare Harvest marketplace makes it easy to create a listing of items you are willing to share or errands/chores you might be able to do to help someone else. It’s also a perfect way to pay it forward by offering to buy someone a coffee or help them stock up on essentials.

Businesses that have leftover food can offer to people in need via the Spare Harvest platform. With sources of donated food from supermarkets drying up, many people are relying on the generosity of the community for supplies and meals.

Here are a couple of ways you can use the Spare Harvest marketplace to help others:

For individuals
  • Open your pantry and find any spare items you could offer your community. Share it, swap it, sell it but don’t waste it. Choose the food category.
  • If you are still going to work, let people know you are happy to drop off and pick up supplies on your route by creating a listing offering your help. Choose the time category.
  • Interested in growing some of your own food? You will find plants, seeds and pots offered to get you started. In the spirit of sharing, grow some for yourself and some for your community. Choose the garden category.
  • Have time on your hands to walk your neighbour’s dog? Choose the time category*.*
For businesses such as restaurants, cafes, retailers and producers
  • Sell take-away meals to the community. Spare Harvest offers another opportunity for restaurants and cafes to get information out about take-away options. Locals are interested in supporting local businesses and are willing to buy from them. The marketplace map makes it easy to find local businesses. Choose the food category.
  • Share surplus food or ingredients. Spare Harvest is an ideal way to ensure that surplus ingredients, meals or supplies go to someone who truly values them. Choose the food category.
Things you can list on Spare Harvest
  • Fresh food
  • Homemade food
  • Food leftovers
  • Surplus household, food or garden items
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Plants, seedlings, seeds and cuttings
  • Garden equipment and soil improvers
  • Time, and gestures of goodwill such as buying someone a coffee
  • Services including garden help.

As we become more housebound, chances are we will lose our daily social connections with traditional support networks. Connecting with the people who live closest to us is important for our wellbeing during this time and is a key message reinforced through Sunshine Coast Council’s At Home in My Neighbourhood program.

Some households may have spare food and grocery items that could be used by people in need. If we shared what we could; food, toilet paper, time or just a conversation then we will all feel supported while we spend more time socially isolated.

Spare Harvest puts community sufficiency ahead of self-sufficiency so we can build resilience. Kindness, connection and sharing is what we need right now.

While we are sharing, remember to be mindful of good hygiene practices and social distancing during any swaps or exchanges made with other members of the community. Where possible, if money is changing hands, direct deposit into a bank account or use a card instead of using cash. With awareness and consideration for others, we can flatten the curve and look after the people who are most vulnerable in our community. For more information about keeping yourself save from Covid-19 check out the Queensland Health website.

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For more information about Spare Harvest, check out Reduce waste with Spare Harvest.

If you know someone doing something interesting in our community or going out of their way to help others, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at theteam@livingsmartqld.com.au

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