07 Aug, 2019

Horizon Festival: PLASTIC BELLY


schedule 10:00 PM

Plastic Belly is a contemporary dance performance by Sunshine Coast-based choreographer Courtney Scheu and visual artist Itamar Freed, created with the support of dramaturge Liesel Zink.


Set to an original sound score by Harel Tsemah, and filmed on the beautiful secluded beach at Third Bay in Coolum, this work is both visually captivating and deeply sensitive to the current times. Plastic Belly explores human connection, at a point in history when this topic is more relevant than ever. Recent experiences due to the COVID-19 pandemic have traversed the emotional and mental impact of isolation, the fear of the unknown, and a deep desire for connection. Plastic Belly will explore the artists’ lived experience during this extraordinary time, constantly shifting as the situation progressed, and capture the ever-present tension between the desire for intimacy and the primal need for self-protection. Plastic Belly is contemporary dance at its best.

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