08 Nov, 2018

Help shape Australia’s energy future by downloading the CSIRO Energise App


The new CSIRO Energise App gives each of us the opportunity to be a ‘citizen scientist’ by contributing information about energy consumption in our own households to a major research project.

The organisation is hoping up to attract up to 20,000 App users to help paint a clearer picture of our energy use on both household and national scales, with the aim of “creating a more secure, reliable and sustainable energy future”.

Users of the App, which only works on smartphones, actively contribute to national energy research by completing mini surveys, and in return have access to useful tips on energy efficiency, cutting-edge research updates and interesting videos from scientists. It also provides an opportunity to learn more about how other people across the nation use energy.

The surveys cover topics you might chat about in a social setting such as energy costs, energy usage patterns, appliances used by your family, renewable energy and other relevant topics. The questionnaires are generally short and users achieve in-app points and awards for each survey completed.

The app will follow users’ responses over time and ask questions connected with specific events, such as the use of air conditioning on hot days, with the aim of improving understanding and management of peak energy consumption.

Focus areas of the research include:

  • Predictors of household consumption and bill costs
  • Uptake of solar and battery storage technologies
  • The use of wood-fired appliances
  • Fuel switching among residential consumers (from gas to electricity for example); and
  • The impact of urban densification on household energy use and thermal comfort

Data collected through the surveys will become part of the CSIRO’s Energy Use Data Model, Australia’s largest public database of energy use information. The data will be used by researchers, government and industry to better understand our changing energy needs and shape future decisions and research.

Researcher Dr Adam Berry says it is important to understand how households interact with energy as well as our pain points in order to produce relevant policies and innovative technologies.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app today to make your contribution to our energy future.

For more information, check out CSIRO Energise.

Do you have an interesting story to share about your household’s approach to sustainable energy consumption? We would love to hear from you! Please make a comment below, or email the Living Smart team.

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