30 Jul, 2018

Fight Food Waste


Food saving habits start when you LOOK.BUY.STORE.COOK. Here are some quick tip to start reducing your food waste.


So many of us forget to LOOK at what we already have in our fridge, pantry and freezer before shopping. Consequently, we buy too much food and end up throwing it away. LOOK is the first step to becoming a conscientious consumer and stopping food waste before it occurs.


Buying too much is a regular habit in many homes, but simple things like writing a shopping list and not being tempted by offers and deals will help you to only BUY what you need. BUY what you need to save money, reduce food waste and help the planet.


STORE food properly to give it the best chance of survival. Simple things like getting food organised, stacking your fridge correctly, using your freezer and airtight containers will help you stay on top of what you have and reduce waste. STORE food correctly to make it last longer.


COOK is where you can become a true food waste warrior and really save food from ending up in the bin. Be conscious of how many you are cooking for and measure out portions to avoid cooking too much. COOK with what you have and apply the ‘use it up’ approach to make food waste a thing of the past in your home.

More resources and the original article at: www.ozharvest.org

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