02 May, 2017

DIY: Sustainable Day Spa


There’s nothing like a pamper session to set your zen to ten. The sounds, the scents, the special stuff they apply to your skin to make it feel extra smooth, soft, and supple - you wish you could do it yourself at home.

We can’t provide the fluffy bath robes, but we can share our favourite tips for a DIY pamper sesh that doesn’t cost the earth.

Set the scene…

You’ll need a spare hour to yourself and a free room to relax in. After you’ve sorted out the locational logistics, put on your favourite robe, pad around in a pair of slip-on slippers, grab a good book and take a cup of tea into your temporary oasis. Press play on your preferred playlist - remember, it needs to build, flow and then melt away, so think about the progression and what you want to feel when you’re putting it together. Cinematic Orchestra is a great choice. Light your favourite stick of incense and sip on your tea.

For an all-over body starter…

Start dry-brushing. Many massage therapists use dry brushing as an opening act; the thick, firm bristles should be worked across the skin in a light motion, using long strokes - if you’re blessed with an obliging partner (even a cool friend) ask them to brush your back and the backs of your legs.

The hype around honey…

For soft, sumptuous skin, spread a thin layer of raw honey over your face careful not to get any in your eyes - once you’ve achieved an all-over coat, lie back and apply a cucumber slice over each eye. Drift away for twenty minutes.

Ditch dark circles…

You’re tired. You’re over it. It’s time to take care of yourself. Swap the cucumber slices for chopped and crushed parsley combined with a dollop of organic natural yoghurt. Apply to the affected areas with a cotton ball and chill out for 10 minutes… maybe your nails need a new coat of colour?

An Everyday Beauty Tip…

Teeth whitening has taken off in a world of coffee drinkers and juice guzzlers - to keep your smile white and bright, sprinkle a bit of baking soda on your toothbrush every ten days and give your teeth a gentle brush.

Relax Your Mind…

After you’ve moved through your new beauty routine, take this opportunity to let go of your troubles for ten minutes and free your mind from thought. Focus on the music, the sounds beyond the words, the smell on the incense, the floor beneath you, the feeling of your robe or your slippers - let go of other moments and inhabit only the minutes your living in now. At first, it will be difficult, but you’ll get better and better as time goes on and meditation becomes a regular thing for you.

P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

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