23 Sep, 2020

Living with a Creative Mind

Living with a Creative Mind


schedule 07:30 AM

LEVEL up your practice as we explore the creative mind in a three-part Professional Development series carefully curated just for you!


From science and psychology to the mysteries of pineal gland activation, Creative Minds is a diverse exploration into creativity and how we can work with it, to peak effect.

Your $15 ticket connects you with the full program and resources, one month members access to the Zebra Collective and entry in the draw to win a 1-on-1 consult with our keynote speaker, the vivacious Jeff Crabtree.

WEEK 1: Meet your Mentors: delivered to your inbox

WEEK 2: Sound Immersion, 5.30pm, Thurs 15 Oct

Keynote: Living with a Creative Mind, 6.30pm, Thurs 15 Oct

WEEK 3: Workshop: Tools for the Anxious Creative, 6.30pm, Thurs 22 Oct

BONUS: 1 month members access to Zebra Collective & 2 x 1-on-1 consults with Jeff Crabtree up for grabs!



Meet your Mentors

SHORT FILMS delivered to you!

Settle in, or watch on the go, these three short films have been made just for you as an online introduction to your mentors. We’re so grateful to them for sharing their expertise with us and hope these introductions give you an insight into why!


SESSION ONE: 5.30pm, Thursday, OCT 15 / Duration: 30 minutes

Tap into your creative subconscious

Armonica Sound Healing uses a unique instrument, ‘the Crystal Armonica’ that creates a Harmonic Sound Activation that works on clearing energy blockages in the body.

Invented by Benjamin Franklin, this instrument uses 32 pure quartz crystal bowls, that spin on a shaft and are deftly played by wet fingers.

The Crystal Armonica’s overtones (1000 – 4000Hz) activate the pineal gland and the frequencies created are beneficial for the mind and body, putting you in a deep state of relaxation.

Perfect for all the new information on offer in Session Two, just 30 minutes after your time with Chiho and Phil.

Meet your Mentors

Chiho and Phil have been sharing music and sound for meditation for 15 years.

Phil has developed music and art programs for a juvenile detention centre to awaken inner emotions and continues to engage art as therapy through music and clay therapy.

Chiho is a multi-instrumentalist and a certified sound healer in Australia. She is one of few people globally to play the Crystal Armonica for people in healing meditation.

Together Chiho and Phil use music as a tool for healing at festivals, special events and private consultations including at temples, shrines, yoga studios and festivals throughout Japan, Bali and Australia.

Settle in with

  • a quiet place
  • earphones
  • comfy spot / yoga mat
  • 30 minutes
  • Duration: 30 minutes


SESSION TWO: 6.30pm Thursday, OCT 15 / Duration: 50 minutes

KEYNOTE: Living in the Creative Mind

Presented in partnership with USC

Grab your notebook and pen for an interactive, highly visual journey into the psychology of creative thinking.

This 50-minute keynote will deliver insight and actionable tools for people who identify as being highly creative; creative practitioners; entertainers; entrepreneurs and innovators – plus those who live and work with them and manage teams that involve creative thinking.

Based on the latest research into how the specific psychological features of creative thinking intersect with the creative process, Jeff’s compelling stories and examples will deliver moments of clarity through recognition.

By the end of this session you’ll understand the creative process, identify where creativity gets blocked and also understand why creative thinkers live a life that is a little bit like a roller coaster - lots of ups and downs!

Finally, Jeff will present a crucial strategy for being able to thrive with those ups and downs to live fully, with a creative mind!

Living in the Creative Mind is delivered by Zebra Collective in partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast as a part of Sunshine Coast Council’s fabric, Slow Fashion Artful Living program.

Meet your Mentor

Jeff Crabtree is a researcher, musician, speaker, film-maker and multi award winning songwriter based in Sydney.

Co-author - with his wife Julie Crabtree - of Living With A Creative Mind - an operating handbook for creative people, Jeff is also the managing director and founder of Zebra Collective: an online mentoring and training service for creative practitioners.

As a consultant on harnessing the creative workforce, Jeff’s growing client list includes the Sydney Opera House for its Australian Institute of Music, the Australasian Performing Right Association, ANZ Bank, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, and The School of Life in Melbourne and Sydney.



6.30pm Thursday, 22 OCT / Duration: 45 minutes

WORKSHOP: Tools for the anxious creative

For reasons you’ll have learnt in the Week Two keynote, or perhaps have experienced, one of the side effects of living with a creative mind can be times of dealing with anxiety.

Dr Julie Crabtree’s interactive workshop is designed to arm participants with take home strategies that help in the management of anxiety.

You’ll also learn how to work towards reinforcing a creative resilience for those trying times, for those of you living with your own creative mind, or someone elses.

Bring your notepad, you’ll get some gold out of this 45-minute workshop with compelling info-visuals, and exercises you’ll work on together.

Meet your Mentor

Dr Julie Crabtree is an experienced psychologist and co-author of Living With A Creative Mind - an operating handbook for creative people - and has more than 27 years’ experience working with creative people.

Her doctoral research into creativity and mental health, offers her a comprehensive understanding of how to be both healthy, and creative. She works with creative artists and their partners who are experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship and related issues.

From this experience, she has developed the successful Building Mental Resilience group program for creative artists.

Julie has worked with APRA/AMCOS (Australian Performing Rights Association) and AMIN (Australian Music Industry Network), The School of Life and Vivid Sydney (2013).


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