18 Apr, 2019

Celebrate People and Nature - Biosphere Nomination for the Sunshine Coast


Sunshine Coast Council is leading a nomination for the local government area to become a UNESCO Biosphere. A biosphere is a special place. It’s where responsible development and people living sustainably sits alongside active conservation - just like our region.

Becoming a biosphere would further enhance the Sunshine Coast’s national and international reputation.

It can create niche markets for products, services, facilities and practices. This is significant for the agricultural, forestry, fisheries and tourism sectors. It will assist businesses to grow while attracting more investment to our region. That means more jobs for local people.

Sunshine Coast Council has a clear vision for what we’re hoping to achieve for our region. A UNESCO Biosphere credential will support us to maintain and enhance our economy, lifestyle and environment for future generations. It aligns with our vision to be Australia’s most sustainable region - healthy, smart, creative.

Have your say

You are invited to contribute to informing council’s proposal to nominate the local government area to become a UNESCO Biosphere via the survey below.

You can also:

Join us in celebrating people and nature, so we can open our doors to the world and showcase the best of the Sunshine Coast.

Survey submissions closeFriday 28 June at 5 pm.


For further enquiries email Biosphere@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au

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