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room Chevallum

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Chevallum State School is a small and proactive school on the Sunshine Coast that has long championed sustainability and connections to the environment. Some initiatives include a Stephanie Alexander garden, school composting, and active student leaders; they take sustainability seriously.


Schools are an integral place to teach and instill sustainable practices within our future generations. Our children learn the impacts of plastic pollution and are more aware of this issue than ever. Yet they often still receive single-use plastic items daily from tuck shops and cafes in their school community, which doesn’t reinforce their learning or awareness.

Both Queensland and the Sunshine Coast have publicly recognised the issue of single use plastics in our environment. On September 1, as part of the QLD Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan efforts, legistated bans of certain single use plastics will come into effect and this is great news for our environment. However, schools and healthcare businesses remain exempt from these bans. This means that faculty, staff and students will have to continue to champion these changes themselves within their schools.

Cafe C is one of those champions. Over several years, Cafe C has focused on this issue and opportunistically eliminated single use plastics from their service. They have replaced single-use plastics with natural products like wooden cutlery, initiated BYO utensils and discount initiatives, and reduced packaging in their food items. They collect their soft plastics and recycle them. The food waste and paper packing is composted by the students at school.

This year they are taking their next step and ditching single use coffee cups and lids, which aren’t covered under any single use ban. Many in the community still don’t realise these cups contain plastic, and are not recyclable. Using cups donated by Green Caffeen, staff and parents can get their morning brew sustainably (and safely with a lid) and return the cup when they are done, or bring their own. The reuse model saves the cafe money as well, as they no longer have to buy these disposable items.

Nic, the manager of Cafe C says, “This sends a great message to our kids and parents - that simple practices can reduce our impact on the environment. It also keeps our costs down - which is important for affordability for our parents and for the cafe.”

Chad from Circular Communities, a parent at the school and has assisted with these changes and other sustainable changes says, “I am really proud of our Cafe and faculty who have supported these changes. It takes a team to effect change within a community like our school, and I appreciate my children not being provided unnecessary single use plastics. Most children care and they now have the ability to put into practice the new 3 R’s of the waste hierarchy (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse) in their school.”

“The Green Caffeen system is a great example of Australian ingenuity, emerging reuse models, and part of a circular economy where we stop making new things, to only use them once and throw them away. This is a huge waste of resources, regardless of the material. Ironically, this is a smart reinvention of a bygone way of doing things in our current disposable society. Reuse is the future change we need to see and the growing prevalence/normalisation of reusable water bottles is a perfect example of this behaviour.” Any cafe can join Green Caffeen for free at www.greencaffeen.com.au and champion the reuse revolution.


Damien Clarke, Co-founder of Green Caffeen
M: 0402036300 E: admin@greencaffeen.com.au

Chad Buxton, Circular Communities
M: 0400280548 E: circularcommunities@gmail.com

Nic De Marco, Cafe C
M: 0468858085 E: demarco21@hotmail.com

About Green Caffeen

Founded Damien Clarke and Martin Brooks in 2018, Green Caffeen is Australia’s largest swap and go reusable cup network. Our mission is to help Aussies kick the single-use coffee cup habit by making it easy (and free) to be green. What started as a tiny movement amongst mates in the small coastal town of Kiama NSW has grown into a country-wide crusade. Hundreds of cafes and thousands of coffee lovers have stopped more than half a million disposable coffee cups at the source, simply by choosing to change the way they takeaway. Green Caffeen works with community organisations, universities, local governments and businesses to champion the circular economy. Green Caffeen swap and go reusable cups are made with food-grade recycled plastic and are fully recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. The cups are also BPA free and made in Australia.

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